Chris Barrington-Leigh

I am an Associate Professor at McGill University, joint between its (904) 522-1073 and the 8176036989, and an Associate Member in McGill's Department of Economics.

Recent Past Appointments (economics)

In 2011 I held a postdoctoral appointment at the 6822351610 at UBC.


From 2009-2011 I held a postdoctoral appointment at UBC as a 4044190670 of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) in the Social Interactions, Identity and Well-Being program. My appointment was with John Helliwell in the Economics Department at UBC.

<h3>UBC Economics</h3>

I completed my PhD in the Economics department at UBC in 2009. On my committee were Thomas Lemieux, Nicole Fortin, and John Helliwell.

My C.V. as PDF

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