Ross Perot received about eight million votes.

We're screwed.

I'll put the frankfurters and meatballs into the oven now, as it's New Year's eve.

What does Pete eat for breakfast?

My business address is 465 Fifth Avenue.

Diana is sad, as in German sentences he is often separated from Shamim by a comma.

The days are getting shorter.

We never lock our doors around here.

We didn't need that.

At last, we got the information.

Do you believe that it is easy?

Do you know how to dance the rhumba?

They are digging a hole.

I've learned a lot from you over the past year.

The man in charge of the merry-go-round decided to make sure everything was working properly.

Sometimes violence is useful.

Barry, a transhumanist, has a soft robotics part which is his right arm.

Culture is handed down from generation to generation.


Nothing I do lately seems to turn out right. I'm losing confidence in myself.


Can the rumor be true?

He had little freedom of action.

The storm has done no harm.

Where ever man wants to sell himself, he will find buyers.

We appreciate her talent.


She was a Brown before she got married.

Kemal owns a small store next to the petrol station.

We've been waiting for over two months.

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Could you do me the courtesy of replying?

I'm sure you two would like some time alone.

Do not copy-paste sentences from elsewhere, except if the content is CC-BY compatible.

This is a book about feelings.

It was so dark I had to feel my way around the room.


It's beyond me!

When he was young, he sometimes played soccer.

That woman always cheated on her husband.

I've run out of money.

Graham thought Leslie was wasting her time.

She was overwhelmed by the sad news.

"How is it?" "Well, yes ... could be some signs of dehydration."

Either skillful or lazy. But not both.

Paola must have spent a fortune on his new house.


It is easy to talk.


You wait right here.

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On July 11, 1979, after more than six years in space, the Skylab space station re-entered the Earth's atmosphere. Most of Skylab burned up upon re-entry. A few fragments fell to the ground in an uninhabited part of Australia.


Walking back from his house, I frantically searched through my memory.

Two men wearing masks robbed the bank.

She gave him a handle against her.


I'm sure Sridharan won't be willing to pay that much.

He's a little pale.

We have run short of food.


She's always complaining about her ill health.

The simplest sentences are the most elegant ones.

A book which, above all others in the world, should be forbidden, is a catalogue of forbidden books.


Rusty was at home.

Mars is a planet.

I planned to introduce him to her.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest.

Journalism largely consists in saying 'Lord Jones Dead' to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive.

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I don't think you should do it.


I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

This sketch is representative of Izumi's style.

They're both gone.


I hate admit it, but maybe I misjudged John all these years.

I want my songs to be sung by someone famous.

Vicki had a bad day at work.

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I finally understand the basic principles of calculus.

A book is on the table.

My father died four years ago.

Now off with you to school!

Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

We cannot keep up with him in mathematics.

My father cut wood with a saw.


Didn't you hear that?

I stayed home all day long reading novels.

What did Shannon look like?

Paracelsus influence was intense and long lasting.

This is the best chocolate mousse that my guests and myself have ever eaten.

Could you help me out a little?

We'll put a stop to it.

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That won't be a problem.

I came to take Kanthan's place.

Po hopped in the backseat.

Round off the edges a little.

There's someone behind them.


I don't pay! I'm a musketeer.

I'm boiling with anger.

It was necessary that he say something, but no word came from his lips.

I know where you are.

The noise of the heavy traffic kept me awake all night.


Let's all pitch in and get the work done.

His brother watches TV all the time.

It goes without saying that Rome was not built in a day.

What percentage of the students are admitted to colleges?

It can't be that he is busy.

Hui likes music a lot.

Day after day I called on my sick friend.

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I dreamed that I was eating my granddaughter's wedding cake.

Who called them?

Are they sleeping together?


Malus is a very close friend.


It doesn't have to be this way, Jacques.

He is still sitting on the bench.

Guillermo doesn't like swimming in this river. He says it's too polluted.

I have another option.

You will not be able to try it.


Maybe she has a bad conscience.

I ran after him with a pile of papers that he'd left behind.

She's grown out of her favorite dress, so her mother will have to make it over for her.

Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.

We're from here.


Give me three months.

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It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives. The act of dying is not of importance, it lasts so short a time


Cats do this when they want something.


Suyog will have to learn to live with the pain.

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Dori died three weeks ago in Boston.

Carole is on the go day and night.

A busser is a person who clears tables in a restaurant.

I desperately need to touch up my makeup.

Whether you get married or stay a bachelor, you'll regret it either way.

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I wanna get paid.

However, no one was able to help me.

Ignorance of the law excuses no man.

I need to clear something up.

She didn't feel comfortable with my friend.


Are you going to kill her?

I want to become famous.

Carl showed me the gold medal.

Jonathan is old-fashioned.

Suyog doesn't really know me.


Ranjit is thickheaded.

Use your brain!

You should be there.

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What other choice do we have?

His company is under his control.

She has not yet accepted his proposal.

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If he studied hard, he would pass the test.

I think they were talking about Werner.

I think Nanda came to Boston when he was young.

Flowers are sold there.

I am yours, she whispered quietly.

Kory is a great kisser.

Hank doesn't need to go to school tomorrow.

I should've phoned Elsa.

You will soon accommodate yourself new ways of living.


I told you not to give me a hickey!

I sort of liked them.

I'm short of money.


The eyes are windows to the soul.

We'll speak to you later.

Donald went back home.


The current of this river is rapid.

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My sheets piled up on my desk.

It's always dark there.

"Worry not, comrade, for I have a plan!" - "That worries me..."

How many times a month do you write your mother?

She smiled at the sight of her mother.

I am willing to agree to your request.

Marcia will be waiting for you.

It seems to me Noemi is a part of the problem.

I should've told you the truth.


Have you been able to contact Ralf?