President’s Message

Dear Members,

Welcome to the Northeastern New York Chapters’ website. Here you will have access to our education archives, Chapter Bylaws, links to various websites, our current chapter roster and our quarterly newsletter. Most importantly, we have listed our sponsors, who with their generous and continued support afford us the ability to provide you the best educational programs that we can offer.


A Message from the President

Fellow NENY HFMA (and future NENY HFMA) members:

I’m excited to begin the 2018-2019 year as the President of the Northeastern New York (NENY) Chapter of HFMA.  

This year, on a personal level, I have accomplished some things I never thought I would be capable of doing.  I completed my first half marathon in February.  In May I completed my second half marathon.  In June I completed my first half Iron Man (70.3).  I have two more half Iron Man triathlons (Sept and Oct) on my schedule and I recently signed up for my first full marathon that will be in January 2019.  

At the professional level, I never thought I would be the President of the NENY HFMA Chapter, and I am.  So, as the Iron Man tag line says…”Anything is possible”.

If I can do all of that, we surely can do all of this! 

At the HFMA NENY level, I am looking forward to continuing to work with, and meet, as many of you as possible at the various social and education events we will bring to you in the upcoming year. I want to thank Jade Litchfield, our immediate Past President and current Board Member, for all the hard work she put into and continues to put into our organization over the past several years. I saw firsthand how important it was to her to make sure our NENY membership was provided with quality education, fun events, and that her team of volunteers had fun working on them! Thank you, Jade!   I also want to thank all of our Chapter’s Officers, Board, and Committee members for their past and continued efforts to make our chapter successful.   I want to continue to build on Jade’s commitment in order to have a successful year and leave the chapter in great shape for our President-Elect, Debbie Trumbull, as she becomes President in June 2019.  I would strongly encourage anyone reading this to volunteer.  We have a great group of people who continually strive to provide quality and relevant education events, social events, have a few laughs along the way and make a few new friends.  Who couldn’t use a few more friends?

The 2018 – 2019 HFMA National Chair’s (Kevin Brennan) theme for this year is “Imagine Tomorrow”. With so many challenges facing us at the local level in the healthcare industry, and also within HFMA, it’s not surprising we sometimes feel overwhelmed. At such times, however, it’s important to remember that, together, we are more than capable of addressing these challenges and achieving our goals. Either we already have the necessary knowledge and skills, or are working on gaining these technical skills.  Please remember that success will also require confidence, optimism, and a belief that we can do so much more by working together. Most importantly, we need to tap into our imaginations. We can choose to look at challenges as either obstacles that stand in our way or as opportunities to imagine tomorrow.

I look forward to working with all of you throughout the coming year and welcome your suggestions, thoughts, questions and concerns. Together we can continue to make our chapter one of the best chapters of HFMA.

Looking forward to a successful year,

Mike Ostrander