Zoe Gunther:
Water Policy

       Coming into this American Government class I had already take AP Government as a senior. I knew about the different levels of government, their duties, and their duty to check other aspects of the government. I knew about the first twenty amendments, and what they meant to us, citizens of The United States. I had learned about the different movements, such as The Civil Rights Movement and The Women's Right Movement. After taking this Government course I feel I have learned much more about how policy forms. Through interviews I learned about the problems California has and will encounter due to drought, and how local governments have enacted different programs to organize the use and storage of water. In an interview, from my hometown Roseville, I was surprised to find out how active my policy makers were in water policy. I think the local aspect of my research surprised me the most because I did not realize how active water policy was around me. In doing research I got to observe past policy and court cases, and then see how they shaped present policy and public opinion on these policies. Through these interviews I learned about water conservation, management, reclamation, and the struggles that follow creating standards for them.