Who we are

Digital Forge Technology is a small minority-owned business that specializes in systems engineering for both cloud and on-premise systems. Our experts have experience in planning, migrating, creating, and maintaining complex computerized systems to ensure your organization succeeds in its mission.

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Is the cloud in your plan?

Our architects are experts in system design, integration, operation, and maintenance of cloud based solutions. Let us help ensure that your new capability becomes an effective and scalable solution so that when your business scales, so does your capacity. If you're moving an existing system to the cloud, our specialists have experience in migrating on-premise systems to cloud environments to ensure that your infrastructure remains as solid, or in some cases more stable, as it was before.

Building out a new capability?

Let our systems engineers help ensure that your system utilizes the right available resources so that it operates efficiently and efffectively. Our engineers have experience building large complex systems that utlize people, processes, and products to achieve objectives and remain compliant with policies and regulations.

Need to simplify?

Many organizations start with simple, small systems that address the capability they need at the time. As they grow, these business increase complexity in thier architecture by adding separate workstreams, stacking functionality, and/or creating manual data entry to connect systems. Let us help streamline by integrating processes, reducing duplication of effort, and interfacing systems so that everything works together.

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