Our Services

Styling Services

‘Styling’ is a service used often by Celebrities as they need to put their best foot forward all day, every day for various events.  I specialise in helping you look and feel your best, on your special day. Other that being a full time stylist, I am also a lifestyle blogger, fashion content writer and trend spotter for various online portals. My expertise covers a vast range, and I explain the experience of working with ‘SMY Design’ below.

Planning Mood Boards and Colour Palettes 

From the first day, I will sit with you and make mood boards, budgets and look books. This is to ensure that we have a vision for all our events leading to your grand wedding reception. This also minimises the risk of repeating similar styles or colours.

So Much More Than Clothes

Just like we do with celebrities, I will make sure we discuss things that are as important (if not more) as your outfits, like – background colours,  decor and feel of the venue, the groom’s outfit and your hair and make up.

Plan your India Shopping Trip With Me

The fashion scene is so dynamic, and it is hard as a bride to follow or know all the designers and their upcoming collections! Me and my team have you covered as we have our eyes on all major fashion weeks and exhibitions that happen in Delhi and Mumbai. We always have our latest favourites ready for you. If you plan to visit India for your wedding shopping, as many brides do, I step in to make sure you cover the best markets and designers in the time you have. As a stylist I can organise and simplify your bridal shopping experience by having a schedule made and appointments lined up with your shortlisted designers. The fatigue and time wasted in window shopping and browsing is what we are looking to avoid.

Comfortable Bride = Happy Bride

Other than planning the aesthetic of your wedding look, there is another thing that gets overlooked often. YOUR COMFORT! If there is one thing all brides should be- it has to be ‘Comfortable’ as that’s what makes you look confident, relaxed and beautiful in your wedding pictures. We can discuss a package where I will personally be there with you while you get ready to make sure your make up, draping and hair is to the point. With me you get my experience of making things look perfect by using small hacks learnt on shoots to ensure you don’t just look good, but feel comfortable in carrying your outfit too!

If you are not planning to come to India for your wedding shopping we have a number of options here in Canada as well. Also we can work on sharing look books of various apparel and jewellery designers with you over email or whatsapp that you can shortlist from. We will have your measurements taken in your city, and we will overlook the fittings and specifications of your outfit in India till it is safely packed and shipped to you on time.