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BlackFlameCustoms is your one stop shop for unique "Powered by Custom" designs and projects.

We specialize in custom automotive applications. A few of our specialties include Headlight HID Projector Retrofits, Custom LED Lighting Strips as well as Headlight painting and clearing. We also do Clear Lens Swaps, Tailight painting and Custom Badge work.

Popular Services

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HID Retrofits are always a serious upgrade. Having enough quality light output on the road in front of you is priceless.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is becoming more and more popular. It draws a lot of attention and really sets your ride apart from the crowd.

Headlight Painting

Headlight Painting is a great way to clean up your "factory looking" front end. Every color combo imaginable is available for this service.


Badge Painting is the solution for that "complete attention to details" look you're after. Change up the background color, or do something totally wild.