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Hawaii 2?

Hawaii 2 is an island in St. George Lake, in Liberty, Maine. The makers of Cards Against Humanity (and 10 Days of Holiday Bullshit) bought this island, and as part of their 2014 Holiday "Bullshit," they gave out 1 Square Foot parcels of the island.

This subreddit has much of the current discussion.

Why this site?

This is a place that future Hawaii 2 collaboration will happen! Expeditions, chating, and more! We plan to offer a 'marketplace' to allow folks to trade parcels, as well as a chart of the parcels, and tools to facilitate meetups!

Other things you might find interesting:

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Map of Plots!

Here's a nice satellite map of Hawaii 2 for you to start out with! Remember, it's winter in Maine - don't head out there without a safety plan!

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