Are you trying to catch your competition, keep up with your competition, or leapfrog your competition?

Our clients usually have a primary goal: be the absolute best. New advances in data capture, integration, and analysis can enable a “leapfrog” outcome. Once you’re out in front, reactive technology systems can help you stay out in front.

Standard-setting excellence is within your grasp. Let’s talk about how we can make your systems propel you to the front of the pack. Maybe permanently.

We are experts in the collective tools, technologies, and processes that can transform your organization into an agile, real-time, data-driven enterprise.


Loyalty - Data - Integration - UX - Ops Support


We help companies build and support large-scale loyalty and customer experience solutions tailored to their unique needs, and we do it safely, simply, quickly and elegantly.

Loyalty Methods
Our Loyalty and Customer Experience brand – Loyalty Methods, has more than a decade of experience in Oracle Siebel Loyalty and OBIEE delivery, systems-integration, and support. We have a proven, successful track record, trusted by enterprise companies spanning many markets, such as: retail, airlines, travel, and hospitality.
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ReactorCX Loyalty platform
ReactorCX is our real-time, cloud-based customer engagement and loyalty platform, which could be a perfect fit for your enterprise. It is built on a scalable big data technology stack and leverages our proprietary adaptive integration layer to enable quick and easy multi-channel solutions that integrate well within your infrastructure.
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End-to-end Customer Experience Solutions
We can build almost any combination of Intelligence, Data Storage, Data Management, Application, Integration, and Interaction Channels, within any infrastructure. We’re experts at combining your systems with our end-to-end CX solutions to create a “marketing machine”.

  • Oracle Siebel Loyalty
  • ReactorCX Loyalty platform
  • Customer Experience (CX) Solutions


We help you avoid the “garbage in, garbage out” problem by thinking of data hygiene right from the start, and making it a first-class citizen in our designs. Creating a single view of the customer is a challenge in a lot of organizations. Customers can appear on different channels, supplying partial data, making it difficult to de-duplicate and standardize records into your customer master. Rythmos has the expertise to address these challenges and maintain the coherence and unity of your customer master record.

As your databases acquire and capture more and more transactional data, it may become necessary to reduce the size of your main data store and move some old data into archive. While many projects make this an after-thought, Rythmos has invested in building products and processes to enable archiving millions of records with zero down-time and zero impact to your systems, thus improving the performance, usability and maintainability of your systems.

  • Data Stores, Warehousing
  • Big Data
  • Analytics and RTD
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Governance, Security and Compliance


Today’s customer is hurried, distracted and impatient, clicking and swiping away from your app or site in mere seconds. That’s all the time you have to make a positive impression and to deliver a gratifying experience. Rythmos works hard to enable industry-standard and custom real-time interfacing, to ensure that the “moment of truth” is delivered each and every time to your customers.

In some cases real-time interactions are not necessary or economically feasible due to extremely heavy volumes or due to other constraints in the feeds being processed. For those situations, Rythmos provides years of experience optimizing batch schedules, delivering a supportable, maintainable, predictable, adaptive batch scheduling framework.

  • SOA Middleware/APIs
  • Middleware
  • Custom Apps
  • Packaged Apps
  • System Integration

User Experience

Delivering beautiful web and mobile UI to customers is paramount, however, it is also important to empower employees inside your business with creative and intuitive user interfaces, designed to match the reality of their daily interactions and optimized for each channel. For example, imagine a call center agent, whose home screen provides answers to 70% of customer’s questions without any further clicks. No awkward silent pauses, no frustration, no fumbling around.

Rythmos has a strong UX practice when it comes to developing modern interfaces to new or existing systems. Our UX design teams are focused on creating functional interfaces your customers and employees will love.

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • POS
  • Custom Hardware

Ops Support

Rythmos’ hosting and support services make it easy to deploy applications at scale, utilizing AWS to seamlessly optimize and extend your data center. Experiment and learn in the cloud; we can help you provision fully-configured application environments within minutes, and only pay for what you use. We make infrastructure easy and simple to operate, so you can concentrate on your business.

  • Virtualization / Cloud
  • Infrastructure
  • DevOps
  • Support Ops
  • Data Management

Rythmos provides complete digital strategy management, delivery management, and quality management from start-to-finish.

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