An ASCLD/Lab-International Accredited Laboratory

Serological Research Institute (SERI) is a ISO 17025 accredited, nonprofit corporation providing a broad spectrum of biological testing services and specialized products to the forensic science community. We have over 34 years of experience providing quality casework analysis, insightful consultation services and innovative laboratory product lines, making SERI one of the most accomplished forensic biology testing providers in the world.

Our services are targeted to the forensic biology needs of law enforcement agencies, the legal community, corporations and private individuals. Our Forensic DNA laboratory provides casework results with unrivaled sensitivity, and can do so in as few as 48 hours using our expedited service. For criminalists and crime laboratories, we provide a number of forensic biology products including the popular Seratec cards. We also provide custom proficiency tests which are tailored to the exact needs of your laboratory.