First Ever Swinging Experience

First Ever Swinging Experience

This is our very first swinging experience. We met this guy at a hotel at the beach after exchanging letters and pictures. We had no idea what to expect. I really had no idea what to expect. Although Dee said she was into the idea was nervous about how I would view her after seeing her with another man. She had no idea just how much of a turn on that would be. Anyway I was such a nubbie that we after we drove two hours to be beach, met the guy, got a hotel room, and then got to the room and got undressed I found that I brought the camera but no videotapes. So I get dressed, left my wife naked in the room with this guy and run up and down the boardwalk looking for a place that sold videotapes. Finally found one and got back to the room and got the tape in just in time to catch my wife spreading her legs so this guy could start licking her pussy. I guess while I was gone the nerves went away. Great first time fucking.

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The squirting hotwife Jamie Kenney sucks and fucks my big black cock. Her white pussy enjoys my bbc and starts squirting all over my couch, carpet and my white shoes. She even squirts like a fountain on my dick towards the end. Man, this white bitch loved my black dick!

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