You could try doing what Norm did.

Are you saying Terrence isn't from Boston?

Are these real?

I wish I were on the same team as Tai.


I didn't aim my remarks at you.

I didn't want to surprise you.

What's the remaining time?

I just need to tell you this.

Dan remembered his promise to Linda.

There is always trouble after midnight in big cities.

I got where I am by hard work.

The article will be sent cash on delivery.

Naresh is always talking to somebody.


The day was very hot; and when at a turn of the road, he found himself on the very verge of the cool blue water, no wonder he felt inclined to bathe.

Josh had to cut the class in order to meet us.

There are subtle differences between the two pictures.


The girl reading a book is Kate.

There are many words that I don't understand.

My cat became frantic as soon as the car began to move.

Happiness is a flower one must not pick.

She put the lid on the box.

Whose is this camera?

Vince fixed us a snack.

About 80 million bacteria are transferred during a 10 second kiss.

I assume you know who Dorothy is.

He was absent on the particular day.

I went to the creationists' museum.

I thought it was your day off.

We have a house here.

Not everybody can be an artist.

I asked Ian why he didn't want to go to the zoo with us.

Do not misunderstand my words.

You're pessimistic, aren't you?

Knut thanked Bertrand for helping him decorate his Christmas tree.

I had to write his name and his phone number.

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Where's your sword?

I must study well.

Kee looked uncomfortable.


If you break the clock again, you'll catch it from Mommy.

This one nearer to me will run.

How do you know Gretel?

I put off answering the letter for a week.

These oil fields have only begun to be tapped.

I'll be all right in a minute or two.

You taught him well.

This meal would be enough for three.

I made a deposit of $1,000 at the bank.

Our little children were taken care of by the babysitter.

I saw her swim.

I'm sorry. That's really all I remember.

It was too nice a day to stay inside.

Did you see this man?

We are always hungry.


Everyone looks scared but Julian.


Tell her that I am repairing the refrigerator.


"Would you like to work for me, Tony?" asked Mr Wood.

I haven't spoken to her.

I'd like to speak to you for a moment.

She knows how to repair computers.

Put out the light so that you can get a good sleep.

You may borrow my car anytime you want to.

You'll stay here.


I'm a preschool teacher.

They eat a lot of rice in Japan.

When I was a child I would get so excited the night before a school excursion that my heart would be pounding and I couldn't sleep.

We spent a quiet day in the country.

I was only saying my prayers.


She attributed her success to luck.

Joy and grief alternate in my breast.

Does that mean that we won?

The fact proves his honesty.

Can you make me a copy?

You're drunk!

I came here with her.

Vince would've gone to jail if he hadn't had such a good lawyer.

He missed class.

My job is dull and boring.

Hilda changed into military attire.

It is said that the old chapel is haunted.

I'm going to sleep in about an hour.

What more could you want?

I should get back to writing my report.


Piete can be trusted.

Frederick said he didn't think Roxie could speak French.

Systemic diseases are those that affect the entire organism.

Oleg always seems to be there at the same time I am.

Bill accepted my statement as true.

Robin removed the key from the door.

I asked Pradeep where he's from.

He dug a hole in the sand.

Don't forget to take your umbrella when you leave.

It was five days after she graduated that my daughter left Osaka Airport for Germany.

I think that many here share your concern.

He's a liar.

I would often take naps on Sundays.

She didn't look happy to see him.

Where did you find the key?

What do you want for Christmas?

Fall is my favorite season.

Some lovely half-timbered houses dotted the landscape.

We are anxious about your health.

I really hope you don't get sick.

Kerri raised his hand.

From a social perspective, menarche is typically considered the central event of female puberty - but menarche does not necessarily signal that ovulation has begun occurring.

Don't put aside such an important detail.


You can't make me leave.

Have you ever noticed this before?

Two is the fourth root of sixteen.


This novel is boring.

Did you have plans?

I've just now finished doing my French homework.

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This is a pencil and that is a pen.

She has him wrapped around her finger.

About two miles farther on, the road bent to the right.

What kind of movies do you like?

The Koran is Islamic scripture.

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The children tried to catch snowflakes on their tongues.


I expect him to come every moment.

I have written down his phone number.

Business is booming.

I have a pain in my chest.

I'd rather have gone to the concert last night.

We should do everything ourselves.

If you oversleep, you'll end up hungry.


A funeral is a pageant whereby we attest our respect for the dead by enriching the undertaker, and strengthen our grief by an expenditure that deepens our groans and doubles our tears.

What do we need to do next?

You'll fall down.

Surya was shot dead in front of his house.

You look as your father looked thirty years ago.

He was an Australian, as I knew by his accent.

We know you were involved.


Diane is on the admissions committee.

Celebratory mood prevails in the united Germany.

Can I touch this one too?

Her parents were devastated.

They scrambled for the penny in the street.


There you see the gate which Mr Jones built.

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Please do as I say.

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There is also a tendency to call "L'Auberge Espagnole" a pornographic film.

Can you give this to us?

The boy ran away when he saw me.

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I'll never go there again.

When are you going to return from Milan?

I'm a little disappointed.

Three-quarters of the work was finished.

The ship had a marked list.

Can I pay with a travelers check?

I'm actually very busy.


We broadcast news on the hour.

We hate insects.

I don't hug her.

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"May I come in?" "Yes, certainly."

In fact, the inhabitants have been exposed to radioactive rays.

She is looking at a beautiful picture.

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That's the problem.


We were all surprised at the news of his death.

He has made great progress in speaking Mandarin.

I wonder what it is.

Roy locked the door and put the key into his pocket.

Don't ever speak to me again.

Don't look at them.

Pratap wanted to marry his true love.

I left the window open all through the night.

I haven't eaten anything today.

Penny has no idea how Betty ended up in Boston.

I wonder if Moore has ever considered cycling to work.


What time is it there?

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I really do miss my parents a lot.

The latter half of the film was interesting.

Let's have a seat over there, Annie.

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Sir said you could use my help.