They understood what we meant in the end.

Claire just seems confused.

Go after him!

I said leave her alone.

The war went against the country.

Empty the drawer of its contents.


He has already had lunch.


He took ten deep breaths.

You need to start telling the truth.

I don't know where Rob is living at the moment.

I could take very good care of you.

Not everyone is as nice as you.


I have no wish to live in a large city.


Liberty, as we all know, cannot flourish in a country that is permanently on a war footing, or even a near war footing. Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of central government.

I believe that is something worth thinking about.

My favorite music instrument is the flute.


She went around the apartment to see that everything was in order.

Do you have only one best friend or many?

I was just doing what Heinz asked me to do.

Life is tough.

I have no choice but to kill.

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Mayo offered no explanation.

In order to overcome the data gap, I developed a simple methodology.

Is their language difficult?

No matter how you say it, I'm not going to listen to you.

This is Ken's dog.

It's been a while since last time.

We can all do this.


She is always afraid of being a klutz when going to parties.

Don't tell me what I know.

We need to hire someone to take care of this problem.

"This," said Mr. Pickwick, looking round him, "this is, indeed, comfort."

If it rains, the game will be canceled.


The economy is picking up.

You could have told the truth.

Children know what happens between their parents.

This is why I was afraid to tell you.

My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon.

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We encountered many difficulties.

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That was so awesome.


I do have a plan.

You'd better watch what you say.

Why does the name Marion Jackson sound so familiar?

Every morning I read about the weather in the newspaper.

I am not so foolish as to quarrel with my bread and butter.


He is young but clever.

I am rinsing the linen.

Listen to my advice!

Bald people leaving for San-Francisco can't put any flowers into their hair.

Edinburgh already offers a busy and traditional city experience, with many historic buildings and tourist attractions.


He lived deranged of all the troubles of our family.

The short circuit blew a fuse.

Where did he go?

I still can't believe that Jeanette hates Roxie.

I'm actually coming home in October.


He asked me to take a look at it.

She was at one time faced with the problem.

All of a sudden, I feel like crying.


There's been quite a jump in the temperature.

"I'm fine." "No, you're not."

Tharen rubbed his hands together.

Socorrito made a list of things he wanted to do before he died.

Esperanto has only two cases.

I studied very hard, only to fail the examination.

Mann-Witney U test, Independent two-sample t test, Fisher's Exact Test and Pearson Chi-Square Test were used in analyses.

Keep that thing away from me.

Do you go to school on foot or by bicycle?

The event will take place on November fifteenth.

Cliff punched his time card.

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They would capture as many people as possible.

The students who are occupying the administration building have threatened to kill themselves.

Pieter gave me his old one.

"Does the story have a happy ending?" "Well, a warm one, anyway."

I know some students in that school.


Swimming in the sea is great fun.

Let's make it short.

She refused to accept charity.


I saw Martha three different times today.


It was just too easy.


I cannot sing in Chinese. It's too difficult.


Joubert offered Nicholas a deal and she took it.

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This car is very economical on gas.


We may surprise everybody.

You're right. I have to go on living.

"I want that book", he said to himself.

I think his life is in danger.

How high is the mountain?


I've got to get you out of here.

Not knowing what to do, I asked for his advice.

I'm a compulsive scribbler.

That was my first visit to Japan.

The boy has learned to read.

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You haven't told Stuart you're married, have you?

It's a bargain!

If I don't see another marshmallow for as long as I live, I'll die happy.

Everyone who maintains the ability to discover beauty will never become old.

Kristian looks relaxed.

She puts her own interests above everything else.

Those students whose names have been called will begin their exams.

Does Diane have what it takes?

The World is Blue as an Orange.


Where is the tourist information office?

That's true, isn't it?

What's the urgency?

Brian is asking how that's possible.

Ken needs to run fast.

Unfortunately, it's the same everywhere.

You're not the first one to say that.

That was enough.

She brought a broom.

I've done nothing interesting today.

I shook my head and said no.

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It's Hsuan's birthday today.


Alberto started to get a little bored.


This is all we have.

Hydraulic fracturing makes use of high-pressure water to create cracks in hydrocarbon-bearing shale.

I've never read Dasai.

Earl sticks out like a sore thumb.

You're way better looking than I am.


Mickey hurried so he wouldn't miss the train.

Jack has a close relationship with Marsha.

The leaves are falling slowly.

Don't go too near the dog for fear it should bite you.

Malus wanted Hazel to kiss him.


That must be the city hall.

I couldn't kill them.

This river sometimes overflows after the thaw.

I have to choose between these two.

They demanded an end to the flood of immigration.

You can build anything with Legos.

The truth is that we can't live without air.

It's obvious that she doesn't care about us.

It was too late to help Stacey. All the doctor could do was to pronounce him dead.


I've done what I can for him.

Can Maurice retake the lead?

I don't remember them.

Why did you want them to leave?

This was too difficult a problem for her to solve.

A novel idea occurred to me.

Mongo can't hear us.

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He's not sure he's ready.


I like China.

There's no denying the harmful effects of smoking.

I'll get permission from my superior.

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Of all the personages whose marvelous doings once filled the minds of men, he alone survives. He has outlived all the great gods, and all the impressive and poetic conceptions which once flitted between heaven and earth; these have gone, but Santa Claus remains by virtue of a common understanding that childhood shall not be despoiled of one of its most cherished beliefs.

We can't let Malaclypse die.

See what I mean?

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The edge of this knife is sharp and cuts well.

Hsi's going to be quite happy.

Please beware of fraudulent emails.


I mean it's just another manifestation of internet addiction really.

Teri ordered pizza for everyone.

Billy often hits his face against windows.

I was trying to help them.

One is apt to forget his own faults.


Resurrection is at hand.

I want you all out of here.

It's only the anti-war pinkos who say things like Saddam isn't a threat.

Robbin is bald.

The storm severely damaged the crops.

You never can tell what'll happen in the future.

The meeting went ages longer than it should have, because the chairman allowed people to ramble on about things that weren't on the agenda.