"Jump across the ditch." "I will if you will."

If you would talk less and listen more, you might learn something.

What effects would planetary alignment have?

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I gave an opening address.

A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody.

Lola abhors Salim's smoking.

What can you tell me about him?

Jill won't know the difference.

We've talked about it.

This is your wine.


You haven't been cooperating with us, John. It's time you got with the program.

They stayed alert for the course of the class.

He shall go to the bank.

How was your stay?

Did you read the sign correctly?

I can't believe I said such horrible things to you. I'm sorry.

He's a little on edge today. I wouldn't rattle his cage if I were you.

Did you ever work with him?

Don't look so worried.


This is the hardest question.

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Rainer caught Charles stealing money from the cash register.

Don't you recognize it?

I love roast chicken.


What happened freaked her out.

That was one of the biggest mistakes in my life.

Why don't you let them decide?

Let's get it all over with.

Nobody is going to stop me.


Great is the power of habit.

This deposit bears three percent interest.

Her friends look up to her.

This castle is beautiful.

Let's go back up there.

If it's that hot, how about you take off all your clothes?

Did you all hear that?

Very tall people can often be ungainly.

If you go too close, you run the risk of being electrocuted.

Who doesn't do that?

Derek has never met Maurice.

She says that with good intentions.

Where were you while this was happening?

After that English exam, my brain is fried.

That's what I'm doing.

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We need to explore all possible cures for cancer.


I'd like to hear your version of what happened.

I was surprised at her inability to do things promptly.

Zebras become progressively more ill-tempered as they age, which militates against their domestication.


I wish Hwa would behave himself.


Read whatever books you think proper.

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He remained silent like a stone.

Or is it still a mystery?

Makemake is located in the Kuiper Belt. The Kuiper Belt is an area of gas, dust, and rocky debris located at the outer edge of our solar system.

I can't believe that he is that depressed.

I slept better than I did last night.

Tatoeba was down yesterday.

In my work, I sometimes simply determine an area with a tape measure.

What else do you like?

That was because my watch was five minutes slow.

Don't tell her about this.

Kamiya spoke French well.

Clifford has a distant relationship with his father.

I think I should've helped him.

I wish I hadn't been there.

We have to tell someone.

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I've come to like the picture more than ever.

We've only known each other for three months.

Let's get at the root of the matter.

You remind me of somebody.

It's been a good year.


You were great.


I'm sorry, I have another commitment.

I want my 20 dollars back.

Richard asked for a lot of money.

Hold this.

I would've done the same thing, I think.

You have too much to do.

What car did he take?


I respect the decision you made.


He, who kicks the pillar that stands on the bridge that leads over the river that flows through the village, in which lives the man, who owns the collar that bestows magical powers that perform miracles, dies.

I rode home with Valerie last night.

I am going to learn a lot from you.

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I love the music.

I don't want to hear about all your old girlfriends.

I came to talk to her.

I forget where I put my umbrella.

Is that all you want to say?


She has children.


Shahid took off on his bike.

There's a lot of difference.

I give my regards to your family.

We didn't listen to music.

In the German language there are many long words.

Clay said it would be impossible.

Sometimes it takes more than one person to do this.


How many times an hour do the buses here leave?

She was doing very well at high school.

There's a bat on the ceiling in my office!

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You'll never know how much this means to me.

How much was your new computer?

The room is perfectly suitable for this purpose.

Ramneek has no savings.

Teri gave the report in person.

I wonder if we can do it.

It turned out dead easy.

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I accused you unfairly.


Kyu was diagnosed with gastric cancer.

Melinda still disagrees.

He got up enough guts to break the ice at the board meeting.

Speed it up.

Joe drew a house and a tree.

It mortifies me.

I'm going to take your measurements.

I need someone to protect me.

Have you told Terrence what time the meeting is?


Don't worry. It won't happen again.

Why hasn't Willie been jailed?

He told his stories in a very unusual way.


He loved her.


You punch like a girl.

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I have no idea what I am doing.

I always work while listening to the radio.

I know how to repair computers.

How come I didn't roll the car window up?

My father had once been in Greece.

Let's pretend we have a happy marriage.

There's hope for everybody.

A sperm whale is the biggest toothed whale.

Toufic won first prize in the speech contest.

I have no pain in particular.

Tell me you mean that.

Clare broke down and started to cry.

How do you know all these things, Shirley?

Morton took care of my dog while I was away.

For the other 600 million people, English is either a second language or a foreign language.

I'm sure you already know what to do.

Somebody tried to kill us.

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I didn't want to be presumptuous.

The house where I live belongs to my parents.

Santa lives at the North Pole.

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How did you come to think of that?

Jack reached out for the magazine on the shelf.

Do you believe us?

The research director had the department do a thorough job in testing the new product.

I've made a decision.

This is the first time I've ever searched Marika's name on Google.

Rees poured some boiling water into a cup.

It's a good idea to study the language and culture of the country you're going to visit.

Sean relaxed.

Communism was the political system in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but that stopped in 1993.

I had enough time, so I didn't need to hurry.


I found this in the kitchen.

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I'd like to put something in the hotel safe.

Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.

His book was published just one month ago, and it has already sold thousands of copies.

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There's no reason to fix something that isn't broken.


Cristopher went inside the dark room and switched on the lights.


The teacher's young daughter was a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes.


I lost the charger to my phone.

I wonder what Saad is thinking.

I intended to have become a teacher.

I thought that's what we needed.

She has many valuable books.

Oi you, that's too much of a rip off by anyone's count! 6:4 is more than enough. Of course I'm the '6'.

They will insist on her staying there longer.