DAL-IN 1 Korean Restaurant at boon tat street serving traditional korean eatery for family & friends


Soondae Soolgook 순대술국

Traditional Korean Sausage, beef-bone soup with peril seeds, salted shrimp and meat. DAL-IN 1@ BOON TAT STREET


Seafood JjamPPong Tang 해물짬뽕탕

Assorted Seafood Casserole. DAL-IN 1@ BOON TAT STREET


Jokbal 족발

Pig trotters boiled with Korean traditional sauce. DAL-IN 1@ BOON TAT STREET


Spicy Jokbal

Grilled marinated pork belly with spicy sauce. DAL-IN 1@ BOON TAT STREET


Japchae 잡채요리

Stir Fried glass noodle with mushroom, vegetables and sliced beef. DAL-IN 1@ BOON TAT STREET


Jajang Myeon짜장면

Black Bean Sauce Noodle with Fried Potatoes, Minced Pork and Onion. DAL-IN 1@ BOON TAT STREET


Osam Bulgogi 오삼불고기

Squid and Pork Belly Bulgogi. DAL-IN 2 @ AMOY STREET


If you are looking for new and trendy dishes, you found the place! DAL-IN KOREAN RESTAURANT is different from the usual Korean BBQ or Korean hotpot we can find in Singapore. With a superb atmosphere and interior, DAL-IN KOREAN RESTAURANT is a perfect place to bring your date! We have here in DAL-IN 1 Korean Restaurant serving traditional Korean eatery for family & friends since year 2009. And DAL-IN 2 Korean charcoal BBQ Restaurant serving Korean BBQ and ala carte since year 2012. The Seafood JjamPong Tang is killer and traditional noodle dishes are excellent! Don’t forget to try the Soondae Soolgook, comes along with Traditional Korean Sausage beef-bone soup with peril seeds, salted shrimp and meat. If I can make some recommendations, Must-Eat-Dishes are the Seafood JjamPong Tang, assorted seafood casserole, Spicy Jokbal and the Jajang Myeon!

About us

DAL-IN 2 korean charcoal bbq restaurant three story high building, serving korean bbq and ala carte in central area of singapore.

Level three vip room (maximum capacity 28pax) best for business meeting and birthday parties. Level two, three private room consists of (one private room: maximum capacity 4 pax) (two room: maximum capacity 8pax) (1room: maximum capacity 12pax). Level one open concept, outdoor (2 tables).

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