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Games for the classroom

GameRaising is a new way to get educational board games into the classroom. Parents purchase SimplyFun games to support you and your school - while helping kids have fun learning academic and life skill lessons together.

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SFGameRaising Home Kilter

It's smart to play

SimplyFun games get kids excited about learning. With every move, they problem solve, connect with others and develop real-world skills. Holding a GameRaiser at your school is the first step in making that happen.

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SFGameRaising Home Quote

Industry kudos

SimplyFun has won over 200 awards from leading organizations in the world of play, education and parenting. We work with game designers and experts to address major academic and thinking skills.

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SFGameRaising Home Spell Trek

Our Games

SFGameRaising Reading & Language Arts Reading & Language Arts

Hone in on letter recognition, phonics, spelling, vocabulary and storytelling to support a love of reading and comprehension.

SFGameRaising Math & Stem Math & STEM

Multiply math skills with games that zero in on counting, mathematical relationships, computations and algebra, spatial reasoning, geometry and early scientific concepts.

SFGameRaising Social Sciences & Studies Social Sciences & Studies

Set your coordinates to global exploration. Discover the world around us through geography, history and international relationships.

SFGameRaising Life & Thinking Skills Life & Thinking Skills

Build analytical and executive functioning skills through games that require evaluating options, learning from mistakes and making more informed choices for the decisions we all face.

Let the games begin

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