• ARAN WORLD TR Sheet, kneehold desk, width:1800mm
    Curve-shaped top board creating flexible impression with mature dark brown. Top board with 38mm thick. Top board hard to be scratched. Installed with stardard A2 size centre tray. Pen trays provided
    Price950 USD(tax included) More Details
  • ARAN WORLD AR Desk, flat desk, width 1800mm
    Display in large space, a longtime seller Italian made executive desk. High ranking and suitable for executives. Specific 2 layers top board structure. Secured design with 48mm thick.
    Price475.23 USD(tax included) 6416140407
  • ARAN WORLD VR Executive Tea Desk, width1600mm
    (917) 461-7825
    1600mm wide which is neatly fit for executive room, also recommended for meeting room use.
    Price380 USD(tax included) 406-363-1038
  • Adatto Compact System Desk, width:1200mm
    Adatto Compact System Desk, width:1200mm
    600mm deep space saving desk with cable hole for computer use. With drawer lock, convenient for holding notebbok or PC. Top board is bright natural colour.
    Price122 USD(tax included) zoomelanin

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