About the Game

The ultimate goal of a university is to bring forth the brightest minds of the century… But what if you could take matters into your own hands? To win in this game, you have to be an explorer, an out-of-the-box-thinker, a trivia buff, a math whiz, a language aficionado, a fast runner, a botanic prodigy, a keeper of secrets, a collaborator, a history geek, an internet search expert, an Uithof connoisseur, with connections inside and outside the university, a photographic memory, a fast mind, and much more…

Fortunately you don’t have to do it alone. Take up the challenge in a team comprised of the best and brightest students and researchers that Utrecht University has to offer, and battle against two other teams – consisting of your friends and foes inside the university. The person right next to you could be either your ally or your adversary. Are you up to the task?

This game is a quest that will lead you to different locations. Each location will unlock a question, to be answered by you and your team.

You can earn points for finding (unlocking) a location, for the speed with which you unlock locations, for answering questions, for sharing things on social media, for every connection you and your teammates make and for unlocking locations together. It’s about competing against the other two teams – and if you’re really up for it, a personal battle to the top against the very best players.

Download the app

You can download the app in the Apple app Store (for Apple devices) and at Google Play (for Android devices):



Yes, we can imagine. But that’s part of the game, isn’t it? Of course we can’t answer everything for you, but you could try to start on our  7029874776 page.

Enjoy The Game!