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We'll probably be away for a few days.


You must be patient.

I tried to resuscitate Danny.

He got killed in an automobile accident.



We're looking forward to that.

Linley and Mick were close friends.

We'll meet Dimetry later.

I think the mistake is mine.

She killed him with a knife.

I forgot my password.

I go to bed at 10 p.m.

We have to clean the house tomorrow.

If you are to succeed, you must start studying now.

Let's get to work on that problem.

My men are prepared to die.

I plan to stay in Boston for three more days.

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All his possessions are contained in that box.

I could barely hold back my tears when I received the news of Sam's death.

I'm a restaurant manager.

Kristen can drive, but he chooses not to.

I'm not going to tell you what happened until you calm down.

I went to a movie with Juliet a few days ago.

Kristian promised to be here before 2:30.

I'd like to lose thirty pounds.

The child annoyed her with questions.

Exports in January totalled $10 billion, a record for the month.

Dan shared personal information with Linda.


We're glad this all worked out so well.

The mountain is about 3000 meters above sea level.

She rushed home from England.


I suggested him good deal but he refuse.

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Marci dropped the ball.

The newspaper called for the government to stop inflation.

I will die for you.

Especially during times of economic crisis, price becomes a dominant factor in deciding whether to buy any product.

One can't cry when one is a man.


It's not easy to work under the shadow of innuendo.

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The creek was frozen.

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Robin is mischievous.

Rakhal is not a very good climber.

The lovers kissed.

As anticipated, there have been some problems.

To this day, there is still confusion between transvestites and transsexuals.

Should he be given another chance, he would do his best.

Molly couldn't talk about his ordeal with anyone.

I'm sorry, Jorge! I didn't see you!

I am a truck driver.

That's my last word.

I haven't done that.

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I'm looking forward to the trip.

I am not your wife.

Konstantinos can't mean that.


I love this idea.

I know what this is about.

I have literally nothing to do.

It'll just be a moment.

A biodiversity sanctuary in Brazil called The Pantanal is threatened by deforestation.

I feel comfortable in her company.

Diplomatic relations have not yet been established between Japan and North Korea.

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I agree with you totally.

On the contrary, I think it may turn out that this rugged mountain range trails off at some point.

Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem.

Ken has no more than ten books.

Jim went into the room quietly lest he should wake the baby.

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Andrew watched as Matt walked away.

Did they hurt you?

Her eyes remind me of a cat.

"Well?" the impatient shopkeeper asked, once Dima had ended the call. "Is everything all set now?"

No, I won't do that.

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Marsha met his wife when he was studying in Germany.

Lewis didn't know how to do what needed to be done.

I don't hate them anymore.

I'm not sure Elizabeth would want me to give you that.

A lot of people starved during that war.

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Let us two sit down.

She introduced me to him at the party.

I saw you looking at Marlena.


I never played golf.


He was given up on by the doctors.

They accused her of having stolen the bike.

Sekar has a three-month-old baby.

It's rumored that they are going to get married.

Frank doesn't like my friends.


You could hear the desperation in Carole's voice.

Mike will get over it.

Lori received a note from a secret admirer.


I ate chicken nuggets.

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The main diet in Japan is rice.


She lives in Belfast.

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The whole school turned out to welcome Rajarshi back.

How many rooms are there on the second floor of your house?

Pedro didn't anticipate that this would happen.


The company is equally owned by the two groups.

Five thousand dollars is a large sum of money.

How was the dance?

I've already done the hard part.

No one will have the heart to say it.

Linda struggled to make ends meet.

Don't forget your friends.

You still haven't told me why you quit your job.

I do remember the day very well.

Linley certainly doesn't have a very good sense of direction.

She seems to have left for Tokyo yesterday.

I found Tatoeba on Google and by accident.

You live in an apartment.


Lin thought that Amir was single.


The League of Nations did not make for peace.

I don't even remember what Charles looked like.

I accept, but only on one condition.

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I reacted instinctively.

I've told the police.

Russ, you look very sleepy.

It was nothing more than an accident.

He could no longer contain his anger.


I will write a book about that.

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We hired them.

I have clearly asked for this list in writing.

Why don't we have enough food for everyone? I thought you went shopping this afternoon.

Syracuse is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities of Sicily.

No dramatist can compare with Shakespeare.

Hurry up a little!

We must draw a line in the sand.


I just don't know how to do it.

This has been a trying day.

I want to know why you didn't get here on time.

Don't leave me out when you're sending the invitations!

Calm down!


Rich wants one.

I'll call you later today.

They're 30 minutes behind schedule.


I knew him very well.

You should chew your food well.

Some go in groups organized by their schools, but most go in twos and threes.

I wanted to go back to your village.

She ordered the room to be swept.

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We'll stay as long as possible.

You do a good job.

Alexis is quite enterprising.

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We didn't beat them.


I thought Piete would get accepted to Harvard.

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Elaine is a decent sort of guy.

He grew a variety of crops.

Sun and rain, rainbow.

I swear I didn't know Orville was coming.

Piotr has so many friends that he can't remember all their names.

What vegetables do you want to buy?

The motorcycle I borrowed from him broke down.

Torsten knocked on the door, but got no response.

You, too, know Mr. Kimura, don't you?

Don't let anyone press this button.

Fred and Angela don't know what they should do next.


You're just like your father.

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The earth rotates on its axis and it orbits the sun.


Douglas gave the report in person.

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Try it once again.

Wendell ducked for cover.

Maureen looked excited.

Human-caused climate change has caused land ice to melt and ocean water to expand.

I don't have the time or the inclination.