Staff Delivery & Support

agile Onsite & agile Office
unmanned & remotely managed
provide 7/24/365 support with 1/4 the labor
reduces branch operating cost 6o%+
be onsite even when you’re not

Gateway to the Gig Economy

It’s time you regain control over your servicing & on-boarding cost


Staffing firms are strapped with the high cost of service, too much real estate, and poor operating margins.
Large employers demand onsite service from their staffing vendor, yet they don’t want to pay for it. What to do?


Real estate cost reduction


Human capital savings


  Profits & Margins Increase 


Implement aOnsite for on-site customer & employee support. It will improve support and employee engagement while reducing your staffing cost. For your branch operations switch to aOffice and reduce your real estate & human capital cost to do all the same functions you do today. Combine aOnsite & aOffice to grow your business and increase your profits. 

aOffices are small, unmanned offices, equipped with all the latest technology to allow candidates to apply, be accessed, interviewed, drug test, review and verify all necessary on-boarding documents digitally, issue personal protection equipment, badge and deploy directly to the job site. All of this is done with no one at the office.

Companies that benefit
  • Staffing firms
  • MSP’s
  • Large employers
  • Employers with dispersed locations
  • Franchises
Functions that benefit
  • On-boarding speed
  • Document compliance
  • Process consistency
  • Candidate quality
  • Vendor continuity
  • 24 x 7 x 365
  • Virtual greeting station
  • Application/Access/Interview/On-board
  • Inventory distribution(PPE)
  • Oral drug testing
  • Badge issuance
  • Virtual video introduction
  • 100% Digital document capture & validation
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • HRIS
  • Access Control/Video Surveillance

aOnsite are even smaller than the aOffice and designed to be placed on-site at your client locations. You can do pretty much everything an aOffice can do but it’s limited in size to fit into small client spaces. It’s real value is having your onsite staff manage more than one site through the technology. You can help first day employees get oriented, insure existing employees are adhering to client job site requirements, like wearing non-slip shoes, and if even keep spare product onsite and utilizing our IoT cabinets to disperse PPE just in time.

Companies that benefit
  • Staffing firms
  • Large employers
  • Employers with remote locations
Functions that benefit
  • Shift check-in & review
  • PPE or asset distribution
  • First day processing/orientation
  • Employee request for help
  • Medical/Emergency help
  • Document compliance
  • Process consistency
  • Live help 24/7/365
  • Virtual shift check-in
  • SOP review
  • Inventory distribution (PPE)
  • Plus the features of the aOffice
  • Time & Scheduling
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • HRIS

The agile Command Center is the control center to manage aOnsite & aOffices anywhere they are located. As candidates trigger IoT sensors, the next available recruiter is alerted of the event and a video session is established. Or it could be a request for live help from a candidate in process. All the functions in the facilities can be controlled by the recruiter. They can pop into the lobby or any kiosk or wait for requests. They can see all activities via the security camera view if they just want to monitor activity. When it comes to helping a candidate they can join the kiosk session to see where they might be stuck. They can even refresh the application if something locks up. Time to issue a safety vest or some non-slip shoes? No problem, every cabinet is IoT controlled and can be released remotely. Want to hire them on the spot…your ATS/HRIS workflows will remain in control. We integrate your core systems so that your investment in on-boarding workflows stays intact.

Candidates Prefer It

agile Office & agile Onsite provide the next level of functionality while making the hourly worker feel at home. No more paperwork or stuffy staffing lobbies…come as you are; be who you are. 100% digital experience from application to on-boarding. When on-site they get support from real people when they need it. This makes for happy and productive employees.

Human Design

Industrial design provides a hip look while keeping build out cost low. Candidates enjoy being here…really.

Making Complex Simple

Software designed to be simple and easy for both the candidate and the hiring agent controlling the remote facilities.

Seamless Integration

Works with applicant tracking & human resource information systems, scheduling systems, background check providers & drug testing. Protects your technology investments.


With small footprint and low cost to build, you can follow the money and move your aO’s if the demand for talent changes. 

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