I want to be like her.

Carsten doesn't belong here.


We see him every day.


I need to find someone to back up Thad's alibi.


We don't really feel safe.


Susan is taking a walk.


Please put on your safety glasses.

Meehan's a heavy sleeper and didn't hear the intruder smash the lounge room window.

I constantly quarrel with my wife.

A protection system has been built into this circuit.

She wondered where she had lost her purse.


Suwandi picked up the knife and looked at it closely.

The queen took a short way home, got there before the king and changed her dress.

If we stop here, we'll be right back where we started!

You guys aren't helping.

I was led to the conclusion that we made a fatal mistake.

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Put me through to the boss, please.

I didn't order it.

When his wife died he was full of heartrending grief.

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If you wish to take, you must first learn to give.

Isn't it strange?

He has little feeling for others.


Everything's free.

Then interaction with others becomes important.

Her gray hair makes her look older than her age.


Why are you embarrassed?


We all agreed with Ritalynne.

Today he is a talkative guy who is native in three languages: Spanish (mom), Arabic (dad), and Swedish (the others).

What went wrong?

Where's my comb?

I know it doesn't make sense.

I have no choice but to do everything they've told me to do.

You knew him, didn't you?

It's as much an art as a science.

There are some flies on the wall.

We'll bring them home.

Flexible work hours make employees more productive.

Happiness has come and requires money.

Vladislav just wanted to show off.

Niels and Petr both went to the same school.

I want to speak with him.

From that day forth he lived with the boy.

White lies could help us to be diplomatic and avoid hard feelings and arguments which can ruin a day - or a friendship.

I'll call you as soon as I get back from Boston.

I have nothing to say to them.

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What's going to happen to our pets?

I can wait for him no longer.

That was a waste of money.


You're supposed to be in bed.

My friend lives in this house.

With reference to the invoice No.56789 which was due last month, we have not yet received your remittance.

Please don't cut me off like that.

Hopefully, everything will be OK.

We're still working on that.

Tell them what you told me.

The Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat popularised by Lewis Carroll in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and known for its distinctive mischievous grin.

I just happened to be there at that time.

How do you know it was Barney who broke the window?

I believe, indeed, that overemphasis on the purely intellectual attitude, often directed solely to the practical and factual, in our education, has led directly to the impairment of ethical values.

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Getting the novel, he begin to read it.

I am hearing a voice.

Calhoun was too weak to read his speech.

Did you receive my letters?

No, I never said that.

You should not waste your time.

You're an amazing woman.

I'm not blaming anybody.

Don't you think it's really hard?

Kenton borrowed a book from Huashi.

Antony was bullied at school because of her weight.

I wish I could play tennis as well as Anatoly does.

Stay here and wait for Clark.

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Sharan was disillusioned.

I saw a lot of things that day.

Son works for the phone company.

I had no idea you knew him.

Can you blame her?

To write a love letter in English is not easy.

She brought up the three children alone.

I'm not sure that I like it.

Sri asked Nate if she wanted to go to the restaurant.

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Look into the matter more carefully.


You're not finished.

I'll turn 13 the day after tomorrow.

We're leaving right now.

The policemen caught up with Dan and managed to subdue him.

I want to know how you know that.


You've been a great audience.

This winter will probably be very cold.

We bought a camera, a clock and some dishes in that store.

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You always were a good cook.

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We measured the electricity used during air cooling in the same way as heating, and compared the old model air conditioner to the energy conservation (2001) model.

Raghu is no longer amused.

If her nose were a little shorter, she would be quite pretty.

Without your help, I would fail.

He is only too pleased to be advised by a woman.


Nothing bothers us.

Some people go after fame.

I would appreciate a reply.


I liked Saumya better with longer hair.

Follow your dream to help others.

She knew better than to believe him.

Are these bags yours?

I'm prepared to do anything to better myself.

You can come together.

We're going to find Sanjib.

Do I have to fill out this application form in French?

Where do I go after I pick up my baggage?


You'd better take care of it.


Stop fighting. We're all on the same team here.

Don't play games with me!

When I reached the summit, I was thoroughly worn out.

The moon came out from behind the clouds.

Vick solved the puzzle after Pravin gave him a few hints.

I felt like singing loudly when the exam was over.

William blocked Don's way and wouldn't let her enter the room.


The sign says, "Closed on Mondays".

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She was angry to find the door locked.

I think Danny is finally asleep.

The night goes on!

Celia should've been there.

Vladislav and Dirk splashed each other playfully.

I'm suffering from anal itching.

Wild animals are on the verge of dying out.

Ross is the only one here who doesn't like spicy food.

Takeuchi is doing an excellent job.


She is playing an important role in our organization.

Suddenly, there were gunshots.

He saw a lot of animals on the road.

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The sea is rough.

Why do you have such a negative approach to life?

Do you know Stanley's plans?

I prefer being poor to being rich.

If anything's going to happen, it should happen soon.

He spends the day watching kitten videos on the Internet.

It's not possible to know everything.

Aren't you going to tell Chet?

She explained a joke.

I figured something was up.

You must obtain approval before you can go.

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Reid is good at golf, but not very good at tennis.

Vladislav wanted Jose to tell him her opinion.

Aren't you going to work today?

I can't understand Lori.

Let's face the facts!


The girls amused themselves playing games.


Something's happened to them.

Have you discovered anything new today?

Timothy didn't appear to realize what was going to happen.


I've never gotten married, because I've got three pets at home who serve the same purpose as a husband. I've got a dog who snarls every morning, a parrot who curses all afternoon, and a cat who comes home late at night.

Let's hope the situation doesn't get any worse.

I kept telling myself that it would all be over soon.

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The volcano has become active again.


Max took his iPhone out of his coat pocket.


The horse would not move.

I woke up at three o'clock.

She has decided to run every day.

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He annoys me with questions.

This was a translation of copyrighted material, so I deleted it since copyright owners have the right to control derivative works.

Duncan is confused.

I delivered my first child last year.

I don't care what you do with your money.


Nhan could be at school.