The cottage industry is in good health.

So long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some living form will accompany and sustain it and give it expressive meaning.

Tandy and Moran have been spending a lot of time together.

Where there is Jeevan, there is Asha.


That boy's name is Erik.

Looks like I messed up.

It's hard to believe you.

He is at home today.

Hector said he was ready to leave.


Can we talk about this outside?

She took him by the arm.

I'm very proud of Ramanan.


I already know what you're going to say.

Tomorrow is payday.

Spudboy said he didn't think Romain would like his friends.

Examine the car before you drive it.

I'm not really sure just what to do.

Don't speak too loud. You'll wake her up.

The neighborhood has been gentrified. Now it's teeming with pretend hipsters slurping skinny lattes at Starbucks. They gather round coffee and free Wi-Fi like bees round a honeypot.

That might help.

They made fun of Carter.


Pia is definitely not from this neighborhood.

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How long have you been playing the drums?

The boy doesn't have very many playmates.

I don't feel so great.

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It's back to square one.


You're so rude that I want to punch you.

She discovered a new colourful world.

I got this on good authority.

I don't want to live with you anymore.

At least it wasn't boring.

People in other countries often say that the Japanese are not religious enough.

Sassan hurried to keep up with Tran.

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I belong to the music club.

Tait convinced Jose to stay in school.

Clark doesn't trust anyone.

I'm hoping to go to Nanaimo sometime next year and not just for work.

The more difficult the questions are, the less likely I'll be able to answer them.

The bus was full of young children.

The earth is blue. Like an orange.

Dr. George's secretary is Japanese.

Alexis can't be stopped.

Night draws nigh.

Christophe and Radek look very tired.


Reservations are not required.

Did someone tell you that you couldn't be here?

The tired old lady had bags under her eyes.

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He had a radio.

We can't lie to you.

She pressed her lips together and willed herself not to cry.

Trey and Max acted like they'd never met each other before.

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.

He went on doing it.

Not to brag, but I'm a pretty good athlete.

However you could say that being found hard to understand by the common folk for one's genius is fate.

The mere existence of infiniteness in the universe would bring about endless contradictions.

That was Nigel's biggest mistake.

We want freedom.

Step into my office.

Toerless has gone to bed.


I did what Anton told me to do.

It won't cost you a thing.

I wonder what she means by those words.

I don't care if you believe me.

I have trouble with German grammar.

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They always skip school.

We had thought to stay there a couple of weeks.

She is buying the computer.


This man is your friend, remember?

I've forgotten whether you drink wine or not.

The sun was shining like gold.

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I've left my charger at home.

Pravin was as pale as a sheet.

The police brought a charge of theft against him.


We were unsuccessful.

I have to give the money back to Ron.

She advises him on technical matters.

I meet her on occasion at the club.

He must work hard.

Evacuations were ordered.

I don't know how to use this compass.

You should have been more careful with your health.

He was very glad when she offered to help him fix his roof.

Let's not let that happen again.

The kidnappers may be armed and dangerous.

I hope Eduardo doesn't have to work this weekend.

Here's a letter from him.


We subscribe to a newspaper.


Did Polly help?

I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

In a dictatorship laughing can be an indictable offense.

We searched everywhere but found nothing.

I'm sure Sergiu regrets it now.

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Whether it rains or not, I won't change my plan.


In 2009, coyotes killed 2,500 sheep and 12,000 lambs in the state of Montana.


America is second to none in natural resources.

In haste, he left the door open.

The hyena laughs.

They sell meat at that store.

If a nuclear war were to break out, mankind would perish.

He cannot be a slow learner.

German and Japanese government bonds offer negative interest rates.

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I know the Chinese characters.

We don't know how to use it.

What kind of cap do you want to buy?


David got run over.

Duncan was praising you, you know.

To my great relief, her new work of art added to her reputation.


Daffodils contain a toxic alkaloid that may even be lethal when ingested in high quantities.

I am a graduate student.

William was arrested by the police.

Thanks for the pizza.

I bought Patrick's new novel.


Please return one set to us with your signature.

I'm working alone.

Kathryn told Benjamin about his plan.


It almost worked.

Martyn wouldn't let anyone else in the room.

Let's start with a few facts.

The setting sun is not yellow, but orange.

What exactly are you planning to do?

It's a marketing stunt.

He was a kind man, as I later discovered.

That box is too small to put all of this in.

Please call him.

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I am level-headed.


Kenton scoured the room looking for Ninja, but couldn't pick her out in the crowd.

They thought that he was an accomplice.

You shouldn't judge people based on their names.

Did you see anyone run away?

Rob forgot to feed his dog.

I'll see you soon, OK?

You're such an idiot!

You must not take it on any account.

What should I do if my wife snores?

May that bastard die.

Srivatsan usually reads the newspaper while eating breakfast.

He has been told by the doctor to give up smoking, but he cannot seem to give it up.

Slow down. You're driving too fast.

It is time to take effective action to ward off disaster.

A good lawyer would leave no stone unturned in his efforts to defend his client.

I think it wrong that he should go alone.

I'll get right to the point.


Rainer could go home if he wants to.

Ask him when the next plane will be.

You can't have a masterpiece without failures.

I don't feel well after drinking that water.

I stared at the man.

Numerous countries have signed a nuclear disarmament agreement.

I'm sorry, but that's all we have right now.

At the mosques, prayer rugs are generally found.

Please do whatever seems best to you.

People have a fear of wars.

Please refrain from smoking in public places.

I took neither breakfast nor lunch.

I can't get at the exact meaning of the sentence.

It's a bit wobbly.

It was gambling that brought about his ruin.

"Stop laughing!" said Geppetto angrily; but he might as well have spoken to the wall.

Please don't let me hear any more of that story.

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Does Teriann need to come back here tomorrow?

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Our teacher is in a good temper.

I don't like being on my own.

You suck at writing code.

We'll meet wherever you want.

It's very hard to find that today.

Some learned to play musical instruments.

She was asked to convince him to get his son or someone else to paint the house.

I'm sleepy. I'm going to sleep. Good night.

He stopped for a quick cigarette.