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Build from pipeline 25689355 based on 18.07.13

To do a new system installation, please download the system image .img.xz

Use Etcher to burn the .img.xz

The system image (.img file) will not be available for review builds based on merge requests

See the changelog here :

Architecture Tag Burnable Image
The board or arch you need arch tag The system image
Raspberry Pi 1 / Pi 0 rpi1/rpi0 recalbox.img (sha1)
Raspberry Pi 2 rpi2 706-279-9266 (sha1)
Raspberry Pi 3 rpi3 recalbox.img 3055724813
PC 64 bits x86_64 recalbox.img (sha1)
PC 32 bits x86 7273511750 7734424716
Odroid XU4 odroidxu4 recalbox.img (708) 819-1099
Odroid C2 odroidc2 recalbox.img (604) 505-0706