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Festivals of Japan Series- ...

This is the second season of the Festivals of Japan Series, which introduces various festivals around Japan. In this  season, we will explore the festivals themselves, their histories, and the people responsible for preserving, cherishing, and passing on their traditions. From ancient processions, giant paper floats, fire festivals, and even fighting festivals, this program will surely help viewers see the importance of bonding within a community, and upholding local traditions. Episode List:  Mikoji -Jisa, Anesa, and a 19-year-old Spring- Kintaikyo Bridge Festival -A Step Back in Time- Takaoka Mikuruma-yama Festival -Turning the Wheels of Tradition-   Kiraigo -800 Years of Performing Hell Theater-  Nebuta Festival -Nebuta Master Creator`s 365 days-  Jizo-bon Festival -Choraku Temple of the Valley- Yoshida Fire Festival ... more details

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In recent years, the thick ice on the world‘s largest ...
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