Managing On-Site Managers! is a powerful website designed to automate the management of the apartment on-site resident manager and help increase compliance

The Benefits of

“There are dozens of useful and detailed features our software offers. With this, your ongoing supervisions and compliance related tasks,
to manage your on-site manager is now turned to autopilot!


We provide basic forms, confirmation and alerts regarding proper documents be in place for each onsite manager

Labor Compliance

Daily inputting of all work related tasks along with verification of reimbursements, helps dramatically reduce legal risks and keep owners and/or management companies more protected!


With our product, you can easily run and download a variety of reports to ensure your onsite manager is complying with their management agreement while simultaneously allowing you to export your data at anytime!


There are built in tracking features to ensure the on-site manager is properly submitting their required documentation in order to keep owners and property managers in compliance!


A variety of notifications can be set to alert owners and/or management companies to new entries, completed tasks, and pending obligations due to the onsite manager!

Manager Ratings

Custom and proprietary algorithms are used to calculate the performance of each onsite manager and provide a rating on how well they run the property!

Why Use

While there are a variety short articles, vague guidelines, and limited resources available in the market place to assist in helping understand the complete process of overseeing your resident manager, is the first and only all inclusive location manage the entire process!

Daily Logs

Auto requesting to managers to input daily activities

Receipt Tracking

Upload and track all purchase in a single location


Manage any overtime hours and ensure proper compensation

Petty Cash

Log petty cash purchases


Track and manage mileage obligations

More Advantages

Need something more! Access help and resources for your onsite manager

  • Rent Calculator

    Run different scenarios on which rent reduction plan is best

  • Legal Support

    Receive recommendations
    And expert help when needed

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Ability to charge specific onsite managers to their related properties

  • Compliance Scores

    Visual feedback on how well your onsite manager is performing

  • Alerts

    Customize alerts to ensure nothing is overlooked

  • Admin Portal

    Customizable admin account so you can adjust to your exact management style

What Clients Say

Our Plans


  • Price Per Onsite Manager
  • # Of Onsite Managers
  • Admin Account
  • Onsite Manager Accounts
  • Daily Logs
  • Reporting
  • Mileage Logs
  • Receipt Tracking
  • Petty Cash
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Reimbursement
  • Rent Payment Calculator
  • Document History
  • Month End Documents
  • Compliance Scores

Most Popular



  • $6/mo. or$30/annual
  • 1-3

Most Popular



  • $9/mo. or$70/annual
  • 4-9
14 Day Free Trial

Most Popular



  • $12/mo. or$130/annual
  • 10+
14 Day Free Trial

Additional Services Available Upon Request

- Onsite Manager Custom Agreement and Templates
- Legal Council Referrals
- Job Description Custom Forms and Templates
- Onsite Manager Custom Employee Handbooks and Templates
- Onsite Manager Payroll Compliance Auditing
- Hiring and Termination Custom Forms and Templates
- Onsite Manager Job Leads ~ Coming Soon to assist in hiring your next manager!

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