John should be here any minute now.


What do you grow on your farm?


When we are away from home, nothing gives us more pleasure than to receive a parcel from home.

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I'd like to thank you again for everything you've done for us.

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He needs a hand.


Shakil has written a very good paper on the production of rubber.

A bad smell permeated the room.

I'd like to stay as long as possible.


Would it be possible to replace a man's tooth with one from an animal?


Tell me, is Mom going to go to the station to wait for Dad?

Our band's been on the road for three months.

A dead sheep does not fear the fire.

Rahul reached for his salt shaker.

Sazae is always forgetting her own phone number.

We could all go together.

I was kidding.

Stanislaw is the one who found Hirofumi's key.

Herb has already fallen asleep.

Jane has been doing her assignment.

Let me drive you home.

He longed for his mother.

She appears to have many friends.


What do you mean exactly?


Ginny felt exhausted after chopping wood all afternoon.

Duncan opened the doors.

We'll work on this tomorrow.

An old woman was found choked to death.

Avery and Belinda had really good seats at the concert last night.

Whose idea was it to fire him?

I never see that picture without being reminded of my hometown.


The organization is underwritten by grants from philanthropists.

Don't tell a lie. Be honest.

Let's have fun.

Clara put his career on the back burner and became a house husband, to enable Gene to pursue her career.

He had to leave the city, so he moved to Berlin.


Hunter played on his college team.


Kenn told John that he would ask Alexis to the dance only if John asked Alice.

His story must be true.

I always read the label for them.


Kory wouldn't listen to me.

I told Teriann I would help.

In the Aymara culture, respecting one's parents is fundamental.

It's the first in a long series!

Daffodils are a common cause of dermatitis amongst florists, with daffodil sap provoking symptoms such as redness and dry, scaly skin.

Peggy looked at his notepad.

It seems that Timothy is sick.

I think three would be enough.

He is related to the family.

I rarely prepare for the world history lessons.

These articles are all exempt from duty.

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I don't really know them.

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Hamlet is very much a man who can't make up his mind.


This man is a real freak!


They fought in the cause of freedom.

This is taking forever.

Their son grew bigger.

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It was a lucky guess.

My bike was stolen when I went shopping.

I wasn't consulted.

Marcel asked me about Sekar.

You've been waiting for over three hours.

Gale is now either in Boston or Chicago.

We're not selling our house.


Everything's free.

Every day I come to university by bus.

I'm open to new ideas.


Why don't we let Claudio do the talking.


The young girl remained silent.

Miles is broad-minded.

What's the name of the film which you like the most?


Jinchao is a compulsive gambler, isn't he?


The police were controlling the crowd.


I've lost my pencil.

What made you sad?

I go to work by bicycle.

They like to stay informed.

Gregge is an alpha male.

Let's try to have a nice day.

I know a couple of good restaurants on Park Street.

Shaw wanted to drive, but since he was drunk, Marcos wouldn't let him.

I'm sure you'll like her.

You should ask him for advice.

Phillip had no motive to kill Clay.


Her cool gaze made my heart skip a beat.

It's very windy and my hair got messed up.

I may not have enough time.

Can she see me?

Nancy looks so tired.

Do you think you might be interested?

I begged Jianyun not to go.

Steen filed a complaint.

I'm impressed, Kurt.

I know where to look.

You will tell me everything.

My sunburn hurts.

She gave birth to a baby boy.

Herbert is the boss now.

If anything's going to happen, it should happen soon.


If you don't know the meaning of a word, look it up in a dictionary.

It's free for European Union citizens.

I had an argument with him.

The man walked round the corner.

Jeany is the only person who can show you how to do that.


Why do you ask me that?

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Maybe that'll tell us something.


I can't go back in there.

Look! The cat's in the kitchen.

I could hardly contain myself for joy.

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It's on every Friday at 6.

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The people are so friendly.

Tovah is hard to be around.

I wasn't asking that.

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What did you think of the speech?

How much does a soccer ball weigh?

I'm sick, and it's miserable!

You'll have some difficulty in carrying out the plan.

He armed himself with all the facts before asking questions at the meeting.

Maurice was standing in the doorway.

I hate to say this, but I think Sehyo is right.

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Six squared is thirty-six.


The child is already baptized.


It is possible for us to know what has been achieved in the past, but it is not possible for us to change it. And it is possible for us to change the future, but it is not possible for us to know what will be achieved in it.

Hon is coming next week.

Jinny threw the clothes in the fire.

This time, I'm scared, too.

It seemed that Murray wanted to attend the party.

It's been over a week since I last saw Victoria.

Terrence is very foolish.

Are we acquaintances?

Einstein was far in advance of his time.

That was a complete misunderstanding.

I told Raphael he should go.

Come help me make the salad.

In order to cross from one sentence to the other, Granville was stretching out his arm. Oscar clung firmly onto it and jumped over the dot, avoiding to fall into the space.

Please tell me how to get to the bank.

Am I the only one that doesn't agree with you?

I don't know Spanish, but with the help of a Spanish-German dictionary, I nevertheless understood your letter to some extent.

Thanks for coming from so far away!

I really wasn't sure.

Don't be afraid to break the rules a little.

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What time and where could we meet?

His career culminated in the presidency.

Do you do drugs?

Do you know whether or not Marie is at home?

You asked for my advice.

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Kate thinks there's a good possibility that Tricia will agree to babysit the children on Friday night.

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I'm going to make sure that won't happen.


Is it true that Vincent doesn't like to swim?


Jong should go to prison.

I don't wear suggestive clothing.

She went to the mall with her friends.

Do you have a husband?

We played on the banks of the Thames.


I ate three hot dogs.

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Whose car is that?


We aren't getting anywhere.