The Mayor already has a few ideas for next year!

Can't you take a hint?


I'm not interested in football.


The fact that she's sick really worries me.

Can one see the difference?

Clarissa doesn't think that Wendi's performance was very good.

I think I should help Les.

Let's just meet here.

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I have to trust someone. It might as well be you.

Everlasting fear, everlasting peace.

How do you say that in your language?

The situation is different today.

Justin told Joyce the same thing.

Oleg set the alarm clock to go off 6:00 a.m.

Don't you believe us?


Mr. Smith has arrived.


Excuse me, I'm lost.

Under the conditions of y'all not being able to fight in lojban, please don't fight.

Why aren't you inside?

Does Justin want me to call back?

I proved them wrong.

She took advantage of his confusion to escape.

You're absolutely right.

I was drinking heavily in those days.

She is making a mountain out of a molehill.

Bob missed the last train and had to take a taxi.

Please give us three references.

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I can't get an answer from them.


He can play tennis.

I have no intention of answering that question.

Sam was uncertain how to react.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

Anthony hates driving on icy roads.


If that wasn't Daren, who was it?

Am I clear?

Bill is a complete idiot.


I don't know how to operate this computer.

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I've got to give them something.

Wait a bit longer.

He had strong religious beliefs.


You said the same thing about Anna.

The soul is gone, but his work remains.

George always does his best, and that's what I like about him.

I didn't say anything to anyone.

Julia spent fifteen minutes trying to pry open the drawer with a crowbar, but he couldn't get it opened.

I don't want you there.

The boy is thirsty.

Gideon burst into the room.

The week is finally over.

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They assembled the chairs in neat rows.


It's not what you said. It's how you said it.

Did Duncan really just say that?

I've never been very good at playing the piano.

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I am sorry that I could not go with her.

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They are short of food.

You cannot eat your cake and keep it.

The pier took a real beating from the hurricane.

She did not agree with him.

Omar wanted to know where Kyung had been.




I haven't spoken with them yet.


Cathy had a weird dream last night.

Randall couldn't go anywhere else.

What is the most powerful prayer in the world?

Some Americans have grave debts.

Hold up, Jill.

OMG, the volcanic eruption was HUGE!

We're among friends.

I never did anything like that with Kerri.

Don't play dumb.

I gave my coat a brush.

Scot is so annoying.

I don't care for moving pictures.

He works every day save Sundays.

With more courage, I might have proposed to Kathleen.

That remains a big problem.

My sister has the habit of underlining words she doesn't know while reading.

Leaving the children alone was sheer thoughtlessness.

Warriors only rest when they have won the victory. You have still another battle to fight, and it is the hardest of all.

You had a week to get this done.

Are they related?

If you think I'm just going to stand here and take this, you've got another think coming!

We're going out for a meal on Friday.

Thanks for coming. It means a lot to me.


"Thank you for your help." "It's my pleasure."

If the tree is bad, the fruits are bad.

The Library of Congress is one of the world's largest libraries.

If you don't understand, please raise your hand.

He knows a lot about wild animals.

She's going to Ooita.

We will have a period of orientation for freshmen.

He lives a freewheeling life. I think he ought to settle down a little.

I hope Oleg will be OK.

These are yours, right?

Joyce's real name may not really be Barrett.


There was something there.

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We would often go swimming in the river.


Anyone stupid enough to go there is asking for it.

There's a problem.

One is not a prime number.


We have to see how much cash we have on hand.

Part looked deeply into Gerard's eyes.

The door swung slowly on its creaking hinges.

Quit acting like a baby.

Tell us what you know about Pravin's family.


I didn't kill him.

Please open the file circled in red with a text editor.

His men fought hard and well.

The people in the rear of the room could not hear the speaker.

I spoke in class.

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Water freezes at 0 degrees Centigrade.

This bed is not comfortable.

It's happened to us all before.


Love appears over the horizon.

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Kate captured the hearts of her classmates.

This guy cut Spass off, and Shamim gave him the finger.

Daniel has quite a quirky personality.


Gordon's big-headed.


I should not wish to hear it even once.

He acted the fool.

Where are you going on holiday?

What exactly are we looking for?

I'm a problem solver.

"Where did you eat lunch?" "I ate at a restaurant."

His mother is not going to like, not even a bit, to know that he was here.

Don't you eat that.

The red umbrella reminded her about her grandmother.

The nurse took Rex's temperature.

I add sentences.

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I wake up early in the morning.

That team has never played as well as they played today.

One relationship is enough for me.


Lex copies dirty example sentences he finds in his dictionary into his notebook and memorizes them.


He runs a supermarket in the town.

Why did I have to be here?

The world would be a great deal better if men, in their greed, did not seek to snatch every thing for themselves, instead of leaving something as a thankoffering to the giver of the blessings.

The boy admitted having broken the vase.

I can't eat more.


There is nothing to be had at that store.

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They don't work with us anymore.

There were a few moments of confusion.

Both the boy and the girl are clever.

Can I ask you some questions?

I've lost my car key.

Pluto has a very unusual orbit. Once every 248 Earth years, Pluto swings inside the orbit of Neptune. It stays there for twenty years. During those twenty years, Pluto is closer to the Sun than Neptune.

This poses an interesting problem for classical theories of physics.

The ransom money was stolen before it was delivered to Kevyn's kidnappers.

I'll never forgive you, Russell.

Should I write that down?

We aren't going to stop them.

As F. Scott Fitzgerald famously noted, the rich are different from you and me.

I'm the only one here who has experience doing this.

I'll never forget Dave's smile.

I begin this afternoon.

Anatoly is cooking breakfast.

Are you all mad?


Beckie has no ambition.

It makes no difference whether you go or not.

What time does class start for you tomorrow?

Hugh didn't really have to come into the office today.

If I knew her name and address, I could write to her.

Everyone looks the same, except the one standing on his head.

Some programmers seem to forget that writing good documentation is as important, if not more important, as writing a good program.

The surgery was successful.

He listened to music by himself.