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8064964924Both countries share the same interest for quick and radical redefinition of their energy supplies. Traditional fuel as oil has high fluctuating prices and is highly polluting. Concerning Greece, lignite is a low rank coal which is also highly polluting. Greece covers its energy needs up to 54% by lignite exploitation. Albania has a very narrow energy portfolio, as its energy is almost exclusively (90.9%) produced by its hydroelectric plants. Moreover, the country’s capacity for more hydroelectric power has run out, as most natural tanks are already exploited. Therefore, it should act to satisfy its increased energy demands.
Baring in mind the aforementioned challenges for both countries, the partners of the project have met to discus the objectives and the capacity that the specific region has.

1. Strengthening the development towards a sustainable, competitive and territorially integrated Greek-Albanian cross-border region in the field of sustainable use of bioenergy. The aim of this objective is to tighten the business relations between Albania and Greece by fostering synergies between Greek and Albanian companies. In particular companies in the energy sector from both countries will be triggered to communicate and cooperate in order to produce and distribute biomass. They will also be propelled to produce energy from biofuels.
2. Creating cross-sectoral and interregional networking to facilitate information and knowledge exchange. This objective concerns the creation of steady bridges of communication between Greek and Albanian energy companies, in order to diffuse knowledge and information among companies. This knowledge may include best practices, methods. Information material and data with respect to bioenergy and biomass production and distribution
3. Coordinating policy development – The principal aim of this objective is to create or facilitate a framework of principals and policies where all energy stakeholders can develop their business ideas. It supports coordinated actions for the development of a bioenergy sector in the region and prevents badly organized relevant attempts.
4. Designing the application instruments to promote bioenergy – One of the main objectives of this project is to provide the necessary background for the promotion of biomass production and bioenergy production and distribution.
5. Creating a framework for regional bioenergy market development – Another objective of the project is to establish a network for the bioenergy market development of the region.

• The development towards a sustainable competitive and territorially integrated Greek-Albanian cross border region in the field of sustainable use of bio energy.
• The communication between Greek and Albanian authorities and the application of EU policies for the development of bio energy business in the region. Cross – sectoral and interregional networking that will facilitate information and knowledge exchange .
• The development of the instruments to promote bio energy and biomass.


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