Heather said it best!

Americans have always had trouble with their manners.


Think that was done on purpose?


My armpit hair is as soft as spun silk.

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Did universe evolve to make black holes?


These goggles are so cool.


Vincent caught the colors here!


I put burdock leaves under my covers to keep ants out.

What is tk red lemonade?

Those and tulips are my favorite.

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I dont think people want him fired.

Swansons in the apartment below them.

So this dude was reading your blog?


Pity the journos that work there.


Or do we just keep guessing?


What should you be doing to drive strategic business growth?


Evening takes the day.


Jay finding out whether or not you were ticklish.

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Thank you for offering this financial planning assistance.

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Where you can learn to take control of your lifestyle!

In the manner or style of a confession.

Are you backed by the coal or nuclear industry?

I have never made a big list with my students.

Was this just a way to add me to your audience.

The colourful jewels really brighten my day.

A good work ethic is something to be proud of.

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Farming used to be sacred work.


Why is my pulse rate so high?

Stipulation and order of dismissal.

He made haste to exploit some warlike service.

A must have in every makeup bag!

Add the toasted spices and stir in.

Is this your sandwhich?

Spooky spiders coming home from preschool.


They are a beautiful piece of work!

I would not be able to give that type of advice.

People have different ways of learning.

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Talk too much and you talk about yourself.

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Does this look incapable to you?

Probably same as the orange soda?

Not that there are smart ways to do it.

To follow up with one more thought.

Thousands of things.

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Do you think the teen should see jail?


Can working out improve my back pain?

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To be free and open like she.


Thank you for your generosity and caring!

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I would file that as a pizza bug.

It may not matter to them.

Download and view our menu here.

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Please tell us more about this mix?


We must say enough is enough.


Wizards had things well in hand.


Replace the hostname on the header page with text.

Ponying with my feet feet.

Dull answer is dull response to dull question.

The numbers are four times higher than last year.

Hopefully this is a one day problem.

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Do they even have eyes?

Read article on ten projects for spring cleaning.

And caverns with her foe!


Shove them into soul gems?


Describe the anatomy of the male genitalia.


Just keep loving me the way i love you loving me.

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Can give some temporary relief to scratchy or sore throats.


What kinds of help work for depression in marriage?

Agree that it is noisy and tables are too close however.

Which of the following endeavors has earned me more money?

My blood pressure is going to be through the roof.

Specify whether the user can change the password or not.

Federal state parliament and ministries in direct vicinity.

There are fourteen legs on this trail.

Are we sellers now?

Does that mean you believe in evolution?


How long could it take to get my order?


This program builds on previous program.

Could be a worm.

Rational to support troops.

How to find the hidden gold mine in every database.

Did they have a buffet?


Will this group handle tension as deftly?

What is the best board?

This week tell someone you know that you believe in them.


A final ride thru at night.

There among the grass and trees where it all began.

Adults are asked to sit with their children.


How does hard drive encryption work?

A remarkable generation comes alive on all the pages!

What is power playing?

Being in wine country among the vines.

This room is perfect for the kids!

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Welcome to the community and thanks for your comment.

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How is this business of the feds?


I will check my fw version tonight and let you know.

Loads of sstv pictures will be send out during the broadcast.

Please contact me for the quote.

Ambiance has not saved any links.

The same as my footprints.

There is a falling off.

Blog website all about writing.

Yeah thats actually very likely!

Was it hot and humid?

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This sounds like alot of fun!


I need you to keep me still from shaking.


Wedding gift for the bride and groom.

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Mets are window shopping.

Hope this will help you guys to help me out.

Are they secure?

Are super stores backing terrorist nations?

We want to see what you see everyday.


Hot clips with very beautiful girls and sexy women.

The resulting reference will refer to the original object.

The last of the old girls.

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Not a very convenient location.

Both are blithely untethered from reality.

Problem should be over.


White clouds in blue skies.


Blueberries at the minute though.

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I pretty much came to the same conclusion actually!


He also said the budget allocated for education was inadequate.

What a nice capture!

But that was given.

History is to be made.

Starters out of this draft?

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Come take this weight off me now.


I think the government agrees with this.

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Of distant events past and future.

Today is the last day to enter.

The road has some nasty twists.

Working dental air compressor.

I have subscribed to your feeds.


How will state plans be changed?

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Does anyone else share this feeing?

Is this the worst attempt at a haiku?

Do you have a contract written up to use?

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What range are you hoping to shoot at?

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Please use this venting thread as much as possible.

Rear fenders rolled and pulled.

Getting an internship?


I mist my tropical plants every morning.