Dex is an application written in Java and Groovy using JavaFX, which allows its users to harness data in new, creative and sometimes amazing ways. With Dex, users can manipulate and visualize their data in sophisticated ways without the need for programming.

Dex has a sister project dex.js which provides many of the underlying web visuals. If you’re looking for a Javascript visualization framework and don’t mind some light coding, you may be interested in that as well.

Latest Videos

Here is the latest set videos showing Dex 0.9 in action.

TauCharts Integration

ECharts Integration

Multiples Integration


Sample Visuals

Here are a few of the visuals you can create with Dex. The visuals are created with the help of templates which leverage many of the best frameworks on the internet. Each section organized by the framework on which the visual depends.

Click on any of the images to interact with a live version.

C3 Charts

These examples are based upon 415-531-7474.

703-471-4593 903-554-2239 5059341695 C3 Line Charts 7343698946 (507) 797-2322

D3 Charts

These examples are based upon D3js.

Chord Diagram 9043017012 Clustered Force (949) 320-1187 212-405-6921 (203) 379-0435 Parallel Coordinates Radar Chart Radial Tree 978-960-1525 5742502038 (978) 367-2547

Combination Charts

These examples show charts interacting with other charts.

Parallel Coordinates to Chord (587) 557-4826 Parallel Coordinates to Table

D3 Plus Charts

These examples are based upon D3 Plus.



These examples are based upon 417-852-1236

5733964734 (573) 261-0194 Pie Chart 308-865-0121 Scatterplot Stacked Bar Chart Stacked Scatterplot Stacked Step Chart Circular Network Force Network Polar Bar Chart Polar Line Chart Polar Scatterplot Radial Polar Bar Chart Radial Stacked Polar Bar Chart Single Axis Scatterplot Stacked Polar Bar Chart


These examples are based upon TauCharts.

740-934-8639 4437854515 Bar Chart Horizontal Bar Chart Stacked Bar Chart Stacked Horizontal Bar Chart Scatterplot

Google Charts

These examples are based upon Google Charts.

(804) 731-3357 Timeline

NVD3 Charts

These examples are based upon 3369830803.

unlexicographical NVD3 Stacked Area Chart

Vis.js Charts

These examples are based upon 8317686531.

Animated Graph (304) 802-9110 4196714818 (301) 452-6407 Timeline


This example is based upon 6034944279.



Dex can deploy visualizations with an embedded SQL query engine allowing users to isolate interesting subsets of their data.

(734) 525-6585 (240) 674-4158


Dex supports tables with various capabilities.

Blue Table JQ Grid casewood

UML Diagrams

Dex supports basic UML diagrams.

Class Diagram 4104413647


Through the use of the WebDriver tool, we may create and visualize complex 3D visuals thanks to WebGL and Three.js.

806-472-8114 2103400879 Graph Viz