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YouLive's vision is to build the truly decentralized live social platform through blockchain technology to enable real-time content sharing, social networking and circle building through community-based autonomy through subversive value recognition and value Allocation mechanism, so that all participants in the ecology can be obtained directly from the other side of the value of affirmation. Focusing on the anchor and the audience, it is fair, reasonable and not exploitative for community participants to pay and return in decentralized and trustworthy ways.

Reconstruct the live broadcast ecological benefit distribution system
● designed an encrypted digital "UC"
● fans / viewers poker direct reward to the anchor
● anchor and brokerage service providers an independent two-way choice
● anchor and advertisers independent two-way choice
● The anchor and third-party content providers are independently bidirectional

Create a transparent, open and fair live community
● Distributed live broadcast community, all participants autonomy
● Any participant in the ecological benefits will be maximized
● The high quality output of content producers will be guaranteed
● The evolution of ecology, the type of community participants will be extremely rich



2018 YouLive Ecology Week Summary Report(11/05-11/11)

  • 2018-11-12

The total number of user registrations is 139962. Average DAU: 14076 Formally created Telegram English group ...

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2018 YouLive October Ecological Monthly Report

  • 2018-11-05

The total number of user registrations is 120609. DAU: (Daily Activate Units) 1.6W Submitted to the certi...

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2018 YouLive Ecology Week Summary Report(10/22-10/28)

  • 2018-10-29

Ulive APP has been officially operated since the 20th, and it has brought many surprises! ! !...

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2018 YouLive Ecology Week Summary Report(10/15-10/21)

  • 2018-10-22

UC led the Huobi Global startup sector, the highest increase reached 140%...

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Ulive App officially launched on October 20th

  • 2018-10-20

1 billion UC and 1000 ETH waiting for you to get...

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Ulive App ,from YouLive Foundation's live eco-product, is a live interactive video application that combines entertainment, E-sports and e-commerce scenarios.


YouLive is a real-time interactive video application that combines entertainment, gaming, e-commerce, education and other applications


For such a live broadcast ecology, payment efficiency and video transmission is the crucial underlying technology. Therefore, YouLive team also actively explore new directions in technology and establish technical communication with the top R & D teams in the world. The highly efficient parallel computing mechanism that Parser can meet the ecological computing needs of live broadcast systems; and its support for the transaction packet function just to meet the YouLive ecosystem within the different transaction and payment scenarios. At the same time audience viewing streaming media is also constantly upgrading, higher resolution and higher bit-rate streaming media technology upgrade is imminent. YouLive team initially designed the DSN distributed streaming media network solution.

DSN (Decentralized Streaming Network) is a distributed streaming media network driven by users and a new local blockchain. The core of this is to enable users around the world to use unused PC bandwidth and resources to cache and forward video streams to the network In other users, to maximize the effect of streaming media to solve the bandwidth solution.


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