Image processing and computer vision in the cloud



On-the-fly processing using REST

RenderSense allows you to process any image file on the fly with an easy-to-use URL syntax. In addition, you can create more complex processing scripts and save them for later use. You can invoke your pre-saved scripts with a single HTTP request.


Store your images

Store your images with RenderSense to have them available for quick processing. You can set up processing scripts that automatically run against your images as soon as they are uploaded.

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Integrate with other imaging systems

Easily share your stored images with other image-based services.


Who is it for?

Web Developers

Are you using a lightweight framework like Node.js or Go and finding you need access to heavy duty imaging libraries written in C/C++? Many websites just need to manage several versions of their image assets to support response UIs. Others need to handle millions of customer-submitted images in a scalable, performant way. If your site is one of these or anything in between RenderSense has you covered.

Mobile Developers

Did importing that cool imaging library just add 100MB to your app's download size? Does crunching numbers on large images overwhelm low-memory devices? Do you find it maddening that imaging libraries are platform-specific and what works on one platform may crash hard on another, or even worse, may not exist at all? Why wrestle with these issues when you can have RenderSense do it all for you?


RenderSense can help developers on just about any connected platform. Whether it's an XBox One or PS4, a Desktop Application, a Cloud Service or even connected IoT smart device, RenderSense can help with your imaging needs.

What can it do?

Imaging Operations

We have a huge set of imaging operations. You can mix and match these operations to form powerful scripts. Here are just a few of our operations:


  • (978) 315-8806
  • Rotate
  • Scale (resize), Flip, Concatenate, Pyramid
  • Sepia, Cartoon, Smooth (blur), Equalize Histogram
  • Round Corners
  • Invert, Add, Multiply, Power
  • Pixelate, Noise
  • Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Gain
  • Threshold


  • Face Detect
  • Draw, Line, rect, Circle, Grid
  • Dilate, Erode, Open, Close
  • Canny, Sobel, Laplace
  • Histogram
  • Barcode / QR Code (read an create)
  • Extract pages from PDFs

File Formats

We support encoding and decoding files of the following formats:


  • jpeg
  • png
  • tiff
  • gif
  • bmp
  • pdf