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We are a Telecomunication company providing the following main services:

  • Network Optimization services (including roll-out or/and swap)... more
  • Agileto PRO Edition Enhanced license(s) for our clients... more

Agileto¢î - in-house develloped software tool - is vendor & technology independent allowing the user to have a quick overview of the radio network and facilitates:

  • Mapping of the (2G/3G/4G) networks in MapInfo & Google Earth;
  • View & change the neighbors (4G-4G/3G-3G/3G-2G/etc) in MapInfo & Google Earth;
  • OMC Audit & Sanity Check of the main (2G/3G/4G) RF parameters;
  • Network Optimization based on Drive Tests and/or Call Traces;
  • KPIs (cells) representation & investigation in MapInfo & Google Earth; etc.

Our services improve KPIs such as Accessibility, Retainability, Mobility, etc.(806) 357-9357

Download section


Agileto | Download section
In the download section you will find the Agileto PRO/GOLD installation KIT, Agileto Help document, Marketing Presentation, etc...more

Agileto PRO Edition


Agileto PRO Edition is our Professional edition supporting 2G/3G/4G. more

Agileto GOLD Edition


Agileto GOLD Edition is our 'Gold' 3G edition (100% free but limited). bobby

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