We still have some details to iron out.

"Why didn't you turn the lights on?" "I just couldn't be bothered."

I've seen your driver's license.

Steve slept until noon.

Hi. How are you doing?

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Rich followed Jagath around the supermarket.

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I know why Vance isn't here today.


I hate being bored.


Jakob knew he was going to die.


I think we should try to get a reservation.

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I could not walk.

Give me a reason for doing such a thing.

Masanobu obviously knows what to do.


I'm in a perfect world.

The woman is very beautiful, when she passes, men admired for her beauty.

It's of no importance.

I understand what you say.

Don't get mixed up with those people.

She wants to settle down and have children.

The only way to get rid of a modern dictator is to assassinate him.


She often paints landscapes.

You've got some brass.

Where did you learn to cook like this?

Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own.

This sentence is boring.

Gretchen's response was immediate.

Not having seen her before, I did not know her.


What usually causes the pain?


Why have you come here?

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As soon as there is any talk of paying, he cools down.


Alexander took an ice bath after his workout.

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My father bought me the book.

We need about five men to lift these heavy cases.

She is obedient to her parents.

Everyone left except him.

He died a happy man.

I know that's not why you're here.

Mason is a hunt-and-peck typist.

Sid watches too much TV.

The kids are sleeping.

If you're so inclined, sure, get the fuck out of here.

I would like to play golf.

I've never felt that way before.

It looks like William is sleeping.

The situation there is tense.

What follows is a detailed examination of how each concept is implemented in this example.

Wait for me by the car!

You could have told me the truth.

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One organization allegedly controls the European drug market.

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Are you being coerced?

The car failing to start, we went by bus.

Maurice was a friend of my father's.

What kind of plants are these?


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Why don't you look for him?


Barry says he's tone deaf.


The news of the prime minister's resignation took us by surprise.

You want answers to questions you shouldn't ask.

Anyway, as long as it's a man, anybody should do. It's sad that you don't have a boyfriend yet.

I don't know how to use this.

They fooled the boy into stealing his father's watch.

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How's it going to happen?

I almost kissed her.

We have been here for three weeks.


This isn't your place, is it?

I need to know when to come.

He will either come or call me.

It's important for young people to study English.

Did you stop at the red light?


The social challenges Cristina struggled with as a teenager have mostly been resolved.


There is little automobile traffic on this road.

Satellite imagery is being used in an effort to narrow down the area in the Indian Ocean where floating debris has been observed.

Harv and Leora stood very close to each other.

There was not enough evidence to find him guilty.

He swore never to trust her again.

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I met my friends last Wednesday morning.


Leila looked well.

The museums are full of objects which the most cultivated taste of a period considered beautiful, but which seem to us now worthless.

In Japan, we drive on the left side of the road.


Would you excuse us for a second?

Noam wasn't in the office.

Liyuan is Myrick's brother-in-law.

He's without a doubt a lot better than you.

Amos got very sick.

This and that are two different stories.

Don't take it so literally.

Debi is the type of person who doesn't usually worry about details.

I wake up at half past five in the morning.


Susan was offered a leading role in a horror movie.


We ought to look the world straight in the face.


He jumped to the conclusion that I had done it.

I love you and think about you all the time.

I will become angry.

You always leave your bikes filthy.

How can you be this pessimistic?


I go home at 6 p.m..


You have made a promise.


I bet you didn't see that coming.

Yes, sorry, I forgot to acknowledge it.

Forget about that right now.

By special arrangement we were allowed to enter the building.

I'm sorry to hear Emil is sick.

This restaurant serves dishes made from local organic fruit and vegetables.

Gigi looked at the ring John gave Jayesh.


It is not as simple as it seems.

We have two dogs. One is black and the other is white.

You should keep company with such men as can benefit you.

Many students compete to get into the best universities.

We can't find a good sewing machine anywhere.


She was a soldier in Korea.


Organ donations save lives.

He is radical in thoughts.

My elbow really hurts. I guess I should go to a hospital.

Is that what you're suggesting?

The Red Cross constantly supplies food to the disaster areas.


Didn't you enjoy dinner last night?


We're all very fortunate.

We'll be safe as long as we stay here.

That white dress looks good on you.

It is difficult to keep abreast of the international situation these days.

I need some sugar to make a cake.


It's easy to see why.

You told Hein not to come, didn't you?

Pontus didn't try to argue.

Jon lent me enough money to buy what I needed.

It's colder in Dallas than it is here! What is this world coming to?

Marla claimed that he didn't see anything.

They all understood your speech.

Ray likes my jokes.

These blankets are very warm.

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His driving privileges were revoked.

Is there a panda in this zoo?

Amsterdam is a popular destination for tourists.


This isn't a competition.


I've had a tough week.


John met Kayvan on his way to school.

Don't ask me to do that again.

I will be leaving the house in one hour.

Don't let him read this.

Everyone was fine.

Don't worry. Chicks dig scars.

The train leaves at nine o'clock.

Freedom is a new faith, the faith of our time.

It is from two to ten birrs a week.


He went shopping.


The body of a plane is called the fuselage.

You're going to fall and sprain your ankle wearing sandals with such huge platforms.

It's bullshit.

Alfred rejects modern technology and lives like in the eighties.

Put that box down.

I have a feeling today is going to be interesting.

There's blood in the water.

Oh, I lost the data!

His masterpiece has not appeared yet.

I want to drink one more bottle of beer.

Blake wasn't at Emmett's party.