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The PRISM Survey Center Tour (Jurisdictions Only)
Web-based: November 8, 2-3:20 PM EST

Are you still using clipboards and paper questionnaires to perform site visits for contracts, certifications, or payrolls? Ever wanted to survey your vendors about how you are doing or when is the best time for an outreach event? Consider using the Survey Center! The PRISM Survey Center is one of PRISM’s most powerful centers. Learn how to create and disseminate surveys. Discover the Survey Center Library, borrow surveys, and customize them for your use. This class will fill quickly, register early.
MAIN: 410-394-9012 TOLL FREE: 877-350-4639

Our phone numbers have changed as a result of our new VOIP and IVR implementation. We have a main number 410-394-9012, a toll free number 877-350-4639, as well as direct phone numbers for each team member. Let's talk PRISM! Before calling please make sure you are a named user for your jurisdiction. Need to update your named users, call client services.