Home chefs in your neighborhood are at your service.

The slapup app lets home chefs make and share favorite recipes with people in their communities.
It helps busy people enjoy from-scratch, locally made specialties—whether it’s weeknight dinner rolls,
a dinner-party dessert, a special birthday cake, divine sandwich bread, or crave-worthy cookies.

How it works:

1) Home chefs post their finest dishes.
2) Neighbors place an order.
3) Homemade food is delivered.
4) The cook makes cash,their neighbors eat up.

Sign up and dig in.

slapup is a saving grace that tastes great. Now, in neighborhoods where slapup is live, we can all enjoy homemade local food even when we don’t have the time or ability to make it. Simply download the app to have a look at your neighbors’ best dishes, see when they’re available, and have them delivered to your home.

( just for your neighborhood )