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unique Radar Solutions

Rutter’s proprietary suite of radar technologies delivers a complete, best in class solution allowing real-time data management, critical business decision-making and smart, best-case scenario planning. The Rutter sigma S6 system is the only one of its kind, proven again and again in the harshest of environments, the world over.

  • Ice Navigator™

    Now more than ever, operating in ice-threatened regions such as the Arctic is a vital part of marine operations.


    ​The sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ is the most valuable ice navigation solution for ice defence, ice breaking, adventure tourism, and port access, designed with safety, efficiency, and responsibility in mind.

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  • Oil Spill Detection

    With exploration and drilling moving further into unchartered territory, the need for responsible operations has never been greater. In fact, the world demands it.

    Even the best response plans are only as good as the information available. The kind that proves invaluable when it comes to protecting your assets, your people, and the environment. Increasingly, the world relies on Rutter sigma S6 technology to deliver early, accurate oil spill detection and reporting.

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  • WaMoS® II Wave and Current Monitoring

    In a changing environment, sound decisions at sea require timely, accurate data. WaMoS® II is a pervasive, low maintenance sensor easily deployed to provide a real time understanding of your marine environment.

    WaMoS® II supports an understanding of the marine environment that cannot be generated by a single point reference. WaMoS® II generates graphical representations of the wave fields and surface currents that characterize your environment, supporting operational decisions and maximizing utilization of operational windows.

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  • Small Target Surveillance

    When it comes to maximizing vessel productivity, interference to operations can be costly.

    In fact, even small and valueless objects can drastically affect productivity, vessel uptime, and ultimately, return on investment. Which is precisely why Rutter’s sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance (STS) System was designed. With improved detection and tracking, Rutter keeps your operations moving in the right direction.

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  • SeaFusion

    Effective radar surveillance shouldn’t require space for redundant equipment and operators, nor the costly premium that goes along with extra bulk and resources.

    Rutter’s SeaFusion offers a complete radar surveillance solution, designed to provide a seamless view and a streamlined operation, giving you the room you need to get on with the business at hand.

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