Wholesale Multi-tier CPE provisioning and Lifecycle management suite

Swoop Datacom in-house development team pool together years of experience to deliver the market leading device lifecycle deployment and managmant platform.
It's intuitive design empowers its users to simplify complex technologies, resulting in a universal and feature rich experience.
ForgeServe unlocks best of breed technologies and empowers your voice eco-systems.


One for the most daunting aspects and even barriers in IP telephony ironically is one of the very reasons it exists and excels… CHOICE. Where do you even start with so many options for IP PBX, End Point, Gateway, ATA, SBA, SBC, Headset and the list goes on. The end user or customer as it were can now specify and personalise their very needs and receive exactly what they require. In order to achieve this the reseller, ITSP or integrator has to tie all these products together, this is where we come in.

Swoop Datacom have profiled the best of breed products and addressed the missing piece of the puzzle in order to deliver a solution deployed in the cloud and delivered through the leading value added distributors in the industry.

As SIP specialists, the Swoop Datacom team have experienced the pitfalls of IP telephony adoption from both sides of the coin. Being responsible for the development of IP PBX software in late 90’s and IP handset manufacturing in current years has helped to defined the roadmap of the ForgeServe platform. Through this experience as pioneers in the VoIP industry and at the bleeding edge of technology means unified communications hardware deployment is no longer a barrier. The industry’s leading cloud based system has enabled a single solution, developed with the user in mind and factoring feedback from the vast combined real world experiences from team and customer.

Whether you are the distributor, sub distributor or reseller the user experience will have you kicking yourself that you didn’t adopt ForgeServe sooner.


Zero Touch, End to End

No more unboxing devices and manually pre-staging before dispatch! Purposely designed for reduction of human error when deploying IP telephony devices. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) eradicates manual interaction through handling of hardware and software provisioning. Allowing zero touch integration into ordering, fufilment, logistics, allocation and deployment. ForgeServe, preference dependant, fully or partially automates handling of compatible product provisioning and telephone management whilst allowing re-allocation of resources enhancing profitability.

Multi Vendor

With technology developing faster than ever before, an agnostic development approach allows fully integrated services for all compatible SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) devices. Using a unified methodology within the platform allows simple configuration techniques, resulting in faster deployment and a greater flexibility in device choice. The customer can manage, provision and maintain services to their entire estate.

Multi Level

When evaluating product features and benefits achieving competitive edge will always remain a key defining factor for customer choosing a technology based product. ForgeServe will allow the Value Added Reseller, integrator or support agent to provide a higher level of service that compliments their current offering. It will created the potential for fully managed services for IP product monitoring, deployment, QoS and Support from a single source location with clean and clear instructions. ForgeServe is tailored for the trained professional and the technology partner alike.

White Labelled

Brand building and awareness is vital to business at the ‘delivery end' of telephony deployment and integration. This means that the customer seeing their providers logo and branding, will always generate a loyalty and a point of return for service enhancement or alternatively support. This is key for customer acquisition and retention.


The global IP telecoms market is rapidly growing and as it evolves, there is an ongoing push to simplify operations through product distribution. Multi vendor unification provides a direct benefit to reseller propositions, to cater to the ever developing customer requirements. ForgeServe device management suite allows any compatible IP device to be managed, provisioned and maintained while utilising simplistic methodologies. This allow untrained or inexperienced individuals and organisations to easily adopt cutting edge IP technologies. Hence bridging the gap between traditional telecoms and IP based SIP technology adoption.

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As a modern business in a competitive market defining cost effective differentiators can be difficult. Having to invest extra time and resource into deployment and maintenance of your customers managed assets can be time consuming and expensive. In fact, it’s all too common that we hear our colleagues complain that they would love to have more time.

With the efficient systems built into ForgeServe you will not only free up the time of your internal team but that of your customers with quick and simple deployment of devices, complimented by instant connectivity to their supported telephone system. Whether it be a hosted PBX, Broadsoft, Skype for Business or an on-premise IP PBX we can handle the pairing of hardware and services. The beauty of ForgeServe is that we can connect any supported device to any platform of your choice enabling true zero touch provisioning without the need to pre-stage the device. With our two-stage provisioning methodology you will save time and money in deployment alone which will be complimented greatly by the device management suite further empowering your ‘in-life’ support team.


IP device provisioning is only a scratch on the surface of the comprehensive management suite that Swoop have delivered to the channel through its strategic distribution partners, meaning your experience will be seamless. With a cradle to the grave platform, order processing, logistics, provisioning and management are a pleasant experience freeing up resource for you to focus on what really matters in winning business whilst growing your margins using our tools.

It’s a given that during the lifecycle of a device there will be some adds, moves and changes, don’t worry about this we have it covered. Within the estate management feature the application will allow real time management of devices whilst live monitoring the health status and further provide detailed reporting for when you need to assess the situation. Your technical support team will have full device control at their fingertips 24/7 with powerful tools in order to remote manage the device and more importantly access the devices from the cloud service without needing to attend the site to diagnose issues. Resources can then be easily redistributed to more pressing business.

We understand that many customers will require a closed network solution. In answer to this we have developed an on-premise platform without sacrificing any of the features delivered from the cloud based service and still allowing EDI from the distribution partners cloud platform.

We hear the word security very often in the IP telephony industry and it can be a minefield. At Swoop we only support vendors with high security priority. Subsequently have rigorously tested the platform with the device manufacturers support and have ratified the devices in conjunction with the service to comply with the industry standards and best practice guidelines.


Being manufacturer agnostic the platform handles the complexity of the device features by delivering a unified control mechanism. User friendly template’s capable of profiling the commonly used features within a customer environment and delivering a two-stage deployment method. Anyone, at any level of experience can manage the service from anywhere in the world 24/7. Simply choose the template for the user and select the telephone system to connect too. The ITSP, reseller, integrator or end user can power up the device and a true zero touch provisioning mechanism will setup the device for an out of the box experience, that we expect in this day and age. No more plug and pray.

Through its multi-tier topology, UC is now accessible to anyone looking to crossover from traditional telecoms to the UC space without any prior knowledge of IP telephony. The advanced tools available in the product empower the installer from the word go. Deployment, live management, monitoring, firmware upgrades and support are all deliverable under the white labelled interface meaning the service delivery is always in-line with your company’s brand.


Key Elements

  • Platform agnostic, supporting Broadsoft, Skype for Business, asterisk, Avaya, Cisco and many more...
  • Full eco-system management
  • Multi-tier topology viewing
  • Logical customer grouping by site
  • Redirection service handling
  • Local redirection server app (On-site only) 
  • Device deployment wizard
  • Device provisioning logging / debugging
  • Device Geo-Tag location service
  • Real time device management
  • Remote access to device interface
  • Remote reboot, reset, force re-provision 
  • Estate health monitoring
  • Telephone system profile selection
  • Asset tracking
  • Diagnostics
  • Firmware management
  • HTTPS platform security
  • Data encryption (password safe)
  • Cloud/On-Premise/Hybrid deployment options
  • System metrics and analytics and much much more












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