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Lies Beach and Pachia Ammos Beach are the best beaches on the island of Nisyros. They are about 30 minutes drive from Mandraki along the coast. Once you park your car at the end of the paved road walk on the small pathway towards Lies beach. Lies beach is the first beach you are going […]


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The Stefanos Crater is the main attraction of the island of Nisyros. It is located about 40 minutes drive from Mandraki. It attracts many tourists so make sure you get there early or in the late afternoon to avoid crowds. The smell of sulfur will hit you from far away, this indicates that you are […]

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Nikia Village | Nysiros, Greece

Nika is a small, authentic and fully restored village on the island of Nisyros. I was told this is the most beautiful village on the island which is partially true in my opinion.  If you get to Nikia by car or motorbike, you will park at the parking at the beginning of the village then […]

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Emporios Village | Nisyros, Greece

Emporios is the most interesting village for me on the island of Nisyros. It has been destroyed by an earthquake in 1880 and the residents actually left instead of rebuilding it. At the heyday of Emporios there were more than 3000 people living there and this was the commercial hub of the island, which is […]

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Pali is a fishing village on the island of Nisyros and one of the oldest settlement. It is a relatively small place with a port, many restaurants, bars and car rental options. If you are after a very quiet holiday you can stay here as this village also has a nice sandy beach with sunbed […]

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Vehicle rental in Nisyros, Greece

When I did the initial research on which Greek island to visit it was a very important factor to be able to rent a 4×4 off road vehicle. Since there is very limited information on vehicle rental in Nisyros I was browsing google maps and came across the Manos K. vehicle rental. This company is […]

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I was going on a low carb-diet recently. Since low-card bread is now widely available now, I though I let my imagination go and amp up a traditional BLT ( Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato ) sandwich with cheese, eggs and other ingredients. They turned out great both me and my partner loved it, however this isn’t […]

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KL Tower is the highest viewpoint in Kuala Lumpur. It has 2 public levels, the lower level is the Observation Deck, the higher one if the Sky Deck. There are 2 kind of tickets available.The Observation Deck ticket, which only includes the Observation Deck, and the Sky Deck ticket that includes the Sky Deck, Sky […]



Surin Beach is one of Phuket’s best kept secret, you can enjoy a very nice, not crowded, sandy beach. If you are into snorkeling you can do that at the rocky end of the beach very close to the restaurant. The video below was taken from the sunbeds on the Southern end of the beach.

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