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Welcome to the Catholic Authors Wiki

This site is intended as the most complete guide to Catholic authors both living and deceased, and is a volunteer effort supported and maintained by the Catholic Writers Guild.

For purposes of this site a Catholic writer characterized as one who is (or was when living) in good faith the with the Catholic Church and published at least one longer work (book, play or collection of written works) as a Catholic. It does not include authors who are Catholic in name only, have left the Catholic Church or converted after his or her last work was published.

Please note that editing of this site is limited to members of the Catholic Writers Guild and any other Catholic wishing to take an oath of fidelity to the Catholic Church.

Finding Authors

You can either use the search feature or start browsing one of the common categories such as:

Helping Out

If you wish to help out first apply for editing access to the site and then refer to our to do list.

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