About Us

Faraday propulsion designs and develops zero emission vehicle drivetrain solutions according to your unique business needs.
Our propulsion and drivetrain systems are modular and are designed to increase efficiency according to drivecycle.
We convert vehicles to hybrid or battery electric vehicle for trucks and busses our powertrain systems are ruggedzied and all components are automotive grade.
Designed to perform in toughest conditions offers advanced high efficiency PHEV and EV drivetrain systems and sophisticated control software in combination with optional AC Power export and idle mitigation solutions to enable vehicle OEMs and modifiers to rapidly and cost effectively introduce superior hybrid and electric vehicles to the market.
Available for Class 2 through 8 vehicles as electric only or combination with petrol, diesel, CNG, RNG.

Vehicle Applications



On road trucks can be used for city distribution or long distance. It can be used as a yard truck.

Battery: 200KWh to 450 KWh
Range: 150 Km - 350 Km
Voltage: 400V- 700V
Current: 200A-400A
GVW: 40-60 tons


Off road trucks used for various off highway applications.

Battery: 200 to 300 KWh
Range: 125 Km - 230 Km
Voltage: 600V
Current: 180A-220A
GVW: 40-60 tons



Used for public transport in cities.

Battery: 320 kWh
Range: 400 Km
Voltage: 400V-600V
Current: 300A-400A
GVW: 18 tons



Light vehicles used for commercial purposes.

Battery: 40KWh
Range: 200 Km
Voltage: 360V
Current: 100A
GVW: 2.5 tons


Our software modules allow us to remotely provide system upgrades, diagnostics, and schedule preventative maintenance..Our focus is to adapt our modular platform to get maximum return on investment according to your drive cycle.Our products are tweaked to get maximum efficiency in your drive cycle .The system intelligently and automatically adapts its function so it can operate as either a pure electric (EV) vehicle, or as a Series Hybrid, optimum for stop and go city traffic conditions, or as an efficient Parallel Hybrid that is ideal for the highway.



The Charging system can be altered for AC or DC charging Depending upon the infrastructure. The system is compatible with all charging systems in the market.

1. Level 2 charger- 240 volt system.
2. DC fast charging.
3. Proprietary fast charging systems.


Our telematics systems are designed to compile real time data from the vehicle. It also works with accessory systems and Vehicle ECU to achieve desired results.

The software includes management and control of complete drivetrains (engines, motors, generators, battery systems, charging systems Two-way communication with vehicle telematics to request specific data, check system integrity, and enable remote command execution.

All electric accessory systems

The system consists of electrically-driven power steering, braking, and heating, and air conditioning accessories.

Since all the components are powered by traction battery it eliminates Idling and therefore extends engine lifetime and reduces maintenance cost.


All components of the drivetrain are chosen after a detailed study of the vehicle ,Road conditions, Range and power needed.

Our Team

Shibashis Ghosh

Shibashis is an expert in FEA, PLM in the field of automobiles and heavy earth moving equipment. He previously worked with Altair Engineering and Caterpillar Inc

Yogesh Prasad

Yogesh is an expert in vehicle integration architecture design ,powertrain/driveline selection and layout. He previously worked for John Deere and meritor.

Stephen Tinto

Stephen is an expert in hybrid drivetrains, EV vehicle controls, advanced battery technology, data acquisition, LCD/touch - screen UIs, prototype vehicle wiring and vehicular embedded computing.

Rahul Tiwari

Rahul Tiwari is the head of operations in India.

For any Queries contact us at enquiry@faraday.co.in